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The football 2021-2022 season has come to an end. We are now awaiting the final in Paris between Real Madrid and Liverpool. Football is a game that associates legacy with it. When we speak of Liverpool, we think of Steven Gerard, when we speak of Manchester United, Ryan Giggs pops up in our mind. When we speak about Roma, Francesco Totti comes to our thought. These are players that left a legacy behind them in their club. Similarly, in this year’s football transfers market there are many good players whose contracts will be ending. These are going to be very sad football transfers. Here’s a look at those: 

Robert Lewandowski to Leave Bayern Munich is one of the Shocking Football Transfers: 

Robert Lewandowski
IMG SRC: Bayern Munich

Robert Lewandowski is expected to leave Bayern Munich. His next probable destination is FC Barcelona. His association with Barcelona is expected to begin at the start of the next season. Robert has left behind a true legacy at Bayern Munich. He first came into the limelight after carrying Dortmund into the final of the Champions League back in 2011. He was immediately drafted by arch-rivals Bayern Munich. Ever since he has scored the most goals for the club. One can never forget his 5 Goals in 9 minutes against Wolfsburg. Robert is still a striking force at 33! 

Gareth Bale leaving Real Madrid is one of the Expected Football Transfers: 

Gareth Bale was expected to part ways with Real Madrid at the end of this season. However, Gareth came onto the scene after associating himself with Madrid. Back then was the most expensive signing by the Los Blancos. Gareth played for Madrid in two stints. In between, he went back to Tottenham Hotspurs. His agent claims that Gareth has been mismanaged at Real Madrid. Also, he doesn’t fit in the strategies of Madrid and is getting limited game time. A true football fan can never forget how Gareth made Marc Bartra struggle by sheer pace. He was a big match player for Madrid. He performed exceptionally in all the Classicos and knockout games. His bicycle kick is etched in every fan’s memory. 

Marcelo Viera to Leave Real Madrid: 

Marcelo Viera Football Transfers
IMG SRC: Inside Sport

Marcelo is the face of Real Madrid. Every time you see a player in the whites of the Madrid jersey, Marcelo with his Afro hairstyle comes to mind. This wing-back made the position his own over the 14 seasons that he played for Madrid. Credit goes to the Madrid scouts who picked him from Fluminense, the Brazilian club back in 2007. Marcelo, Ronaldo, and Casemiro became an unbeatable trio. When you saw this trio on the pitch, you knew it was over. Marcelo’s pace and ball control were elite. He made sure that the Los Blancos win the UCL in 4 years out of 5. Now that speaks volumes of the consistency that this man has. Also, he managed to remain injury-free.  

Paulo Dybala to leave Juventus is one of the Shocking Football Transfers: 

After winning several titles for Juventus and taking them to the final stages of the UCL many times, Paulo Dybala has decided to part ways with Juventus. He was ruling the mid-filed in the Serie A for 8 years with Juventus. After initially starting his professional career with Instituto in Argentina, he was drafted to the European club, Palermo. Palermo belongs to the lower cards of Italian football. There is exactly where he got his Juventus contract. A true magician in the midfield, he was too good in the 2015 footballing season. He and Paul Pogba were like bread and butter.  

Lorenzo Insigne to Leave Napoli: 

Lorenzo Insigne is a player not a lot of fringe fans know. Someone who knows football, knows the Ronaldos, the Messis, and the Rooneys but only true fans know about Lorenzo Insigne. Lorenzo has been associated with Napoli for 12 years. He has been their top striker for all the years. Even after getting multiple offers from bigger clubs or more successful clubs, Insigne chose to stay at Napoli. PSG offered him a bag full of cash but he chose game time over getting benched. He has been the top goal scorer for Napoli ever since. Insigne will now try his hand on the MLS team Toronto FC. It is because he had signed a pre-season agreement with the club. 

Erling Haaland to Leave Borussia Dortmund is one of the Expected Football Transfers: 

Erling Haaland
IMG SRC: Sport Bible

Erling Haaland has been the face of Dortmund for a very long time. He is an elite attacker. At this age, he is at the top of his game and is supreme with the ball. Haaland has signed an agreement with Manchester City and will be moving there next season. He is second among the top scorers for Bundesliga. He has age and his physique on his side.  

Paul Pogba Might Leave Manchester United: 

Paul Pogba is expected to leave Manchester United. When Manchester United picked Paul Pogba from Juventus they snatched him from a few other teams like Barcelona. They offered him a whopping sum of money. Pogba has been mistreated by the Manchester United management. The passing of his agent Mino Raiola might have made him very emotional and so there is a chance that for one more season he might stay with the Red Devils. But Mino had also publicly spoken about how Ole Gunnar Solskjaer mismanaged Pogba.  

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