Football 2021-2022
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The football 2021-2022 season is almost coming to a closure. We are nearing that night in Paris where one team will be crowned Champions of Europe. Last year it was the blues from London who got their hands on the trophy. Will it again be an English team or will the Los Blancos take the trophy home? Over the season we have seen many top performers. The Messi-Ronaldo loop seems to have come to an end and we are seeing fresher faces at the top of the charts for the football 2021-2022 season. Here’s a look at the same: 

Robert Lewandowski (35 Goals) is the top goal scorer in football 2021-2022 Season: 

IMG SRC: FC Bayern Munich

Robert Lewandowski is aging like fine wine. At 33 this maestro from Bayern has managed to register himself at the top of the charts. Credit to the Bayern Munich management to maintain Lewandowski’s fitness for such a long period. As this season comes to an end, Robert is expected to part ways with Bayern Munich as his contract comes to an end. He is in talks with clubs like Barcelona. He registered 35 goals this season with all of them in the Bundesliga.  

Kylian Mbappe (28 Goals) is second on the list of top scorers for the football 2021-2022 Season: 

Kylian Mbappe
IMG SRC: Football Paris

Kylian Mbappe proved exactly why the PSG management is keen to keep him at their club. The reason is that Kylian is sensational on the pitch and has age on his side. He is 23 and has a lot to offer any team. He ended this season with 28 goals. His pace is unmatched. No defender in the Ligue 1 can match foot with him. His agility makes things more difficult. With more experience, Mbappe is becoming more expressive in the field.  

Karim Benzema (27 Goals) played for Real Madrid in the football 2021-2022 Season: 

After the removal of Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, and Raphael Varane, Karim Benzema has become the face of Real Madrid alongside Marcelo. Karim is the top scorer for them and is placed at number 3 overall. He scored 27 goals this season with most of them coming in the La Liga. The French man has always delivered when it matters. Karim made the Spanish defenders dance to his tunes. His runs were causing maximum trouble. He has formed a great pair alongside Vinicius Jr.  

Ciro Immobile (27 Goals): 

Ciro Immobile
IMG SRC: Inside Sport

Ciro Immobile has been the face of the Lazio team for quite some time. This Lazio striker has been ruling the Serie A. Unfortunately, he couldn’t lift the trophy for his team. Lazio has been consistently performing very well. The Italian was also a part of Italy’s successful campaign at the Euros in 2020. Immobile is also lauded for the loyalty that he has for his club as he has always been associated with Lazio even after receiving multiple offers. He slammed 27 goals this season and finished with the golden boot in the Serie A.  

Patrik Schick played for Bayer Leverkusen in the football 2021-2022 season(24 Goals): 

Patrik Schick
IMG SRC: Bundesliga.

It is rarely seen that a player of a lower-tier team features in the list of top scorers. This speaks volumes of the type of season that Bayer Leverkusen has had. Leverkusen has matched toe to toe and looked in the eyes of oppositions like Dortmund and Bayern. All of this has been possible due to the presence of Patrik Schick on the pitch. Patrik is a strong authoritative figure on the pitch. He makes sure that he has an impact on the game all of the time.  

Wissam Ben Yedder (24 Goals): 

Wassim Ben Yedder.
IMG SRC: Ligue 1

It was about time that Ben Yedder features on this list. He had been the face of Sevilla for several years. It at times looked like he carried Sevilla single-handedly. Ever since he moved to Monaco, he has started feeling his own. The support that he deserves, he has got that. Ben Yedder has slammed the ball 24 times in the back of the net, 20 of them coming in the Ligue 1. He is also good with the aerial ball and his control is worth mentioning. His off-the-ball work has resulted in him getting more pace. His pace and skill make it difficult for the French defenders.  

Dusan Vlahovic (24 Goals): 

Vlahovic played for Fiorentina and Juventus this season. He became a different beast after his transfer to Juventus. He was well supported by Paulo Dybala. Dusan is second on the list of top scorers in the Serie A. He is only behind Ciro Immobile. Dusan Vlahovic is having a bad time after he departed from Fiorentina as he is being accused of putting the club in financial losses. However, his on-field performance has shut the critics. He scored 24 goals this season and is tied with Ben Yedder on this list. Vlahovic hails from Serbia.  

Mohammad Salah (23 Goals) 

Son Heung-Min (23 Goals) 

Erling Haaland (22 Goals) 

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