Here is a look at the legends that are going to inspire the generations to come
Here is a look at the legends that are going to inspire the generations to come

Bayern Munich is one of the greatest clubs in the history of football. Bayern Munich has a legacy and is unquestionably the most successful German football club. This Munich-based side also has been home to some of the legendary footballers. One can never forget the red-colored Allianz Arena. It is a club that has groomed several legendary footballers. From Robert Lewandowski to Gerd Muller, from Philip Lahm to Ribery all have seen and been a part of this supremely successful side. Here is a look at the top 5 players that have ever played for Bayern Munich: – 

Oliver Kahn: – 

The Bayern Munich team always has had the best of the players in goal. One of the examples is Manuel Neuer. He too is a club legend but Oliver Kahn is the one who has made the list. Kahn was one of the most determined and dedicated players when on the pitch. His judgment of the ball was pinpoint precise. His diving abilities were second to none. Add to it the smooth passes that he used to play with the backline. His long volley was a cherry on the cake.  

Oliver Kahn was very vocal on the pitch and guided his defenders well

From 1994 to 2008 Oliver Kahn made 429 appearances for Bayern Munich. Even though he couldn’t score a goal which is quite obvious in the case of a keeper, Kahn was a good reader of the game. He made a humongous 831 saves in the 429 games that he played. Kahn lifted the DFB Cup 6 times, most times by a Munich Player. Oliver Kahn won the Champions League (2001), Intercontinental Cup (2001), and the UEFA Cup (1996). Add to it the several Bundesliga titles. 

Philipp Lahm: – 

Philipp Lahm has to be featured in this top 5 list or it would have been an injustice to the honesty that Philipp Lahm has had for the club. It is a very well-known fact that Philipp Lahm is the only player who has played over 400 games without conceding a red card. Philipp when on the pitch was a strong authoritative individual and hence, he also captained the Bayern Munich team for over 5 years. He was very disciplined and passionate regarding the sport. He lived by the motto of working hard to win. The players that played alongside Philipp Lahm regard him as a skillful player with a great sense of reading the game. Philipp Lahm was a giant slayer. He was an integral part of every game he played.  

Philipp Lahm is the most decorated captain of Bayern Munich

He played 332 recorded games for Bayern Munich as a Full Back and at times as a right back. Philipp Lahm joined Munich at the age of 11 and when he left football, he left it at the very same club. He won the Bundesliga 8 times, DFB Pokal Cup 6 times, Champions League once and Club World Cup once.  

Lothar Matthaus: – 

Lothar Matthaus is certainly a mention in this list. He is called the greatest midfielder to ever play for Bayern Munich. At times it is also said that he is the most skillful player who has ever arrived in the Allianz Arena. This 60-year-old German is currently working as a manager. Lothar was very smart and his beautiful ball work complemented his game well. He worked hard in the gym too. He used to pass the ball with ease for over long yards. A through ball from Matthaus was always a threat to the opposition. He could visualize the position of the opponent. He could predict the game. Lothar, at times, is also regarded as the greatest German to ever play as a midfielder.  

Handsome Hunk Matthaus was a heartthrob.

Lothar played 302 professional games for Bayern Munich. He played twice for the boys in red. Once from 1984 to 1988 and the other time from 1992 to 2000. For these 12 years, he struck the ball in the back of the net 85 times. But it was his assists that used to flip the games over. He won the Bundesliga 7 times, the DFB Pokal Cup 3 times, the Champions League Twice, and the DFB Supercup once.  

Gerd Muller: – 

Gerd Muller is one of the best strikers for Bayern Munich. The only strikers who possibly can come close to him in terms of dominance are Lewandowski and Gerd’s son Thomas Muller. But Gerd on the field was a beast. Gerd Muller was always hungry for the ball when on the pitch. He was a very smart footballer and thoughtful about his game. He was a strong disciplinarian and worked very hard in the gym. The longevity of his career justifies that. Gerd Muller worked on his calf muscles and worked on getting a strong header.  

Gerd hols the record for most goals scored for Bayern Munich.

He played for Bayern Munich from 1964 to 1979 and made a record 453 professional appearances. He smoked an immaculate 398 goals. From tap-ins to long runs Gerd Muller has all the talent.  

Franz Beckenbauer: – 

Franz Beckenbauer is the best defender to take the field for Bayern Munich. He is the best back that has ever featured in the Allianz Arena. When in his playing days Beckenbauer was named “Emperor” because of his elegant style of playing the game and because he was a strong authoritative figure.  He has the attributes of an Emperor as his teammates recall. He also worked for Bayern Munich as a manager after ending his professional career. Beckenbauer was a good reader of the game. He was good at aerial play and his sliding tackles were an exquisite feature.  

Beckenbauer is unquestionably the best Bayern Player.

Franz Beckenbauer played 427 games for Bayer Munich from 1964 to 1977. He made every minute of his presence on the pitch felt. He was good with both feet. It is said that Beckenbauer made over 1000 interceptions and won over 600 aerial duals while playing for Bayern Munich.