FIFA World Cup 2022: 5 Teams That Missed out on the World Cup in Qatar.  

FIFA World Cup 2022
The champions of Europe will not play at the global stage. IMG SRC: The Indian Express.

FIFA World Cup 2022 has a lot of buzz around it even before the tournament has started. There are multiple reasons for the same. One of those reasons is that many high-ranked teams have missed out on the World Cup due to poor performances in the qualifiers. It also includes many teams who have had great performances in the past few editions. So, here is a look at the best 5 teams that have missed out on the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar: 

Italy has missed out on the FIFA World Cup 2022: 

FIFA World Cup 2022
This dynamic duo of center-backs which happens to be the best in the world, will not feature in the cup. IMG SRC: Italy Football

Italy is ranked number 6 in the World! Yes, as you read it right! The number 6 ranked team in the world won’t be playing in the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. The champions of Europe have missed out on their second World Cup in a row. They did not feature in the 2018 FIFA World Cup either. Italy has some of the best players in the world. Players like Jorginho, Bonucci, Chelini and Chiesa need no introduction. 

Nigeria has missed out on the FIFA World Cup 2022: 

Nigeria is one African country that adds spice to the World Cup. Since the past two world cups, this team was getting drawn into the pool of the Argentines. They have had a few iconic jerseys too. The Nigerians are an integral part of every global footballing event but they have missed out this time. Their key players include Joseph Yobo, Iheanacho, Rashidi Yekini, and many more. 

Chile has missed out on the FIFA World Cup 2022: 

The winners of the Copa America in 2016 missed out on the World Cup. This is a big blow for the South American continent as Chile was a top Latin-American country that had the potential to dominate many European countries. Chile has star players like Alexis Sanchez, Claudio Bravo, and many more. They failed in the qualifiers and since then things have not worked in favor of the team. They are currently ranked 29. 


FIFA World Cup 2022
IMG SRC: Arab News

The giants from Africa will not be a part of the World Cup either. This means that Mohammad Salah will also not be a part of this festival football. They failed miserably in the qualifiers. This just justifies very well that football is a team sport and for all things to fall in place, the team needs to perform as a unit. They are currently ranked at number 40. 


FIFA World Cup 2022

The hosts of last time are not even in the World Cup this time around. The reason is their political rifts with Ukraine. After the invasion took place, FIFA called off all its ties with Russia to condemn their acts of war. This is a big loss for the footballing community as a whole. One of the top teams in the world will not be featured due to political issues. Russian players are a spectacle on their day. One cannot simply forget the splendid goal by Denis Cheryshev against Croatia.  

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