Rohit Sharma embarrassed his post in the first match of 3-day ODI of India-Bangladesh tour, know why.

Captain abused Sunder during match
Captain abused Sunder during match

The first match of the three-match ODI series between India and Bangladesh on Sunday, 4 December 2022 was very exciting. Mehdi Hasan Miraj was the hero of the host team. He shared a 51-run partnership for the last wicket to give his team a resounding victory. He was very lucky throughout the match and at times the Indian fielders either dropped crucial catches or didn’t take any catches at all.

Actually, it happened in the 43rd over of the second innings when Bangladesh was still far away from victory. The ball was in the hands of Shardul Thakur and on the fourth ball of the over, Mehdi hit the ball hard towards the third man fielder. It was a golden opportunity for India to win the match. But Washington Sundar, standing at third man, did not come forward to catch the ball and the ball fell on the ground in front of him.

Rohit Sharma abuses Washington Sundar in his frustration.

Seeing this effort of Washington Sundar, Indian captain Rohit Sharma looked furious and started abusing Sundar. It seemed like Rohit couldn’t believe why Sundar didn’t take that catch. However, in such a tense situation in the match, players often express anger on each other, but those things remain only till the match. Rohit was furious when auto switch mode was on after what’s going on gave abuse in Hindi as a video has gone viral on Twitter. Seeing this reaction of Rohit, the fans started saying on Twitter that this is Rohit Sharma’s duplicity. Because he didn’t say anything to KL Rahul.

Big question to Captain Rohit Sharma. Both KL Rahul and Sundar dropped catches but why did Captain Rohit abuse only Washington.

Bangladesh had lost 9 wickets on the score of 136. However, Mehidy Hasan kept Bangladesh in the match. Shardul Thakur came in to bowl the 43rd over while Mehdi Hasan was batting. On the third ball of that over, Hasan tried to slash a short ball on the offside. The ball was in the air and Rahul had a chance to take the catch near fine leg. Meanwhile, on the score of 155, KL Rahul dropped the crucial catch of Mehdi Hasan, which became the reason for Team India’s defeat. Hasan scored an unbeaten 38 off 39 balls to give Bangladesh a thrilling victory.