Italy: A Team Destined for the FIFA World Cup, But Failed to Qualify. 

Here is a quick look at what the Italy team would look like if they had qualified for the FIFA World Cup.

Italy Football Team
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The Italy Football team is having a good time ever since getting a hand on the Euro Cup in 2020. The team has found their very best form of late. Unfortunately, the team was not a part of the 2018 FIFA World Cup even after having one of the top leagues across the globe. The team however is very keen to make a comeback to the global stage and to make an impact at the global level. The job that was left undone in Euros, that is of dominating world football, can be completed here. They will have to wait for the 2026 FIFA World Cup cycle. Here is an in-depth look at the teams: 

**Italy failed to qualify for their second consecutive FIFA World Cup after losing 1-0 to North Macedonia in the qualifiers.”

Italy National Team If they Qualified for FIFA World Cup 2022: 

  1. Ciro Immobile (Forward) 
  1. Lorenzo Insigne (Forward) 
  1. Federico Chiesa (Forward) 
  1. Andrea Belloti (Forward) 
  1. Giacomo Raspadori (Forward) 
  1. Federico Bernardeschi (Forward) 
  1. Jorginho (Midfielder) 
  1. Marco Verratti (Midfielder) 
  1. Nicolo Barella (Midfielder) 
  1. Matteo Pessina (Midfielder) 
  1. Manuel Locatelli (Midfielder) 
  1. Lorenzo Pellegrini (Midfielder) 
  1. Giorgio Chiellini (Defender) 
  1. Leonardo Bonucci (Defender) 
  1. Emerson Palmieri (Defender) 
  1. Giovanni Di Lorenzo (Defender) 
  1. Leonardo Spinazzola (Defender) 
  1. Alessandro Florenzi (Defender) 
  1. Gianluigi Donnarumma (Goalkeeper) 
  1. Alex Meret (Goalkeeper) 

Strengths of the Italian Football Team: 

The strength of the Italian team is the experienced unit of players throughout the pitch. It is not just the strikers, midfielders, or defenders that have experience. The experience is evenly spread out. Insigne and Immobile have been the top players in their category for over 5 years now. The duo of Chiellini and Bonucci looks unbreakable. 

Weakness of the Italy National Football Team: 

The weakness of the Italian team isn’t evident but their wingbacks aren’t very established players. But why is the emphasis given to that position? Because wing-backs control the entire game. They aren’t shown names like Aaron Wan Bissaka or Trent, or like Dani Alves and Jordi Alba. The players in these two positions need to have character.  


Jorginho and Federico Chiesa have a lot to prove to the world. They were tagged as “One Tournament Wonders” after the successful campaign at the Euros. Jorginho especially has a lot in store for the footballing community. If he plays to potential, there is no stopping the Azzuri.  

Threats for the Italy National Team: 

The threats can be an injury concern for the senior and Chiesa as well. Federico Chiesa has been out of action for 7 months. The Italian Football association needs to work on his rehabilitation to ensure that their top winger is ready for the big tournaments.  

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