Manish and Singhraj
This dynamic duo has set chills in the shooting circuit with their performance!

The Indian Paralympic Team is on a roll at Tokyo Paralympics in 2020. The team has secured 15 medals in total and the latest additions are a Gold and Silver in the Men’s Mixed Air 50m Air Pistol SH1. Manish Narwal and Singhraj are the heroes this time. Narwal bagged the bright Gold with his exceptional performance while Singhraj was second to him grasping the Silver. This dynamic duo has helped India move to the 35th position. With 15 medals India has made this undoubtedly its most successful Paralympic campaign.

Manish Narwal wins Gold: –

Manish Narwal turned out to be the star this time around with his effortless shooting. Manish won the Gold while simultaneously breaking the Paralympic Record. In the qualification round, Manish stood seventh while Singhraj was higher ranked at the 4th position. Both the ace shooters secured a position with scores of 533 for Manish and 536 for Singhraj. But the best of both athletes was yet to come. The qualification round was topped by the Uzbek athlete who was seconded by the one from China.

The brand ambassador of Young India Manish is a sensation!!

Manish Narwal’s final began today in the early hours. Manish took center stage and went bang bang. The top 8 athletes from the World included athletes from Uzbekistan, China, Russia, Serbia, and Iran. The two athletes from India were on song! Every athlete was given 9 rounds of shots. Manish seized this opportunity in the very beginning itself. Manish’s scores were as follows;

Manish Narwal’s scores!

His total score added up to a Paralympic record of 218.2. Singhraj on the other hand was at the lead in the initial few moments. He too was equally dominant. The duo won the medals with a margin of 20 points from the third-placed athlete. Singhraj’s scores were as follows; Singhraj’s total was just 2 points shy of Manish with 216.7.
SInghraj’s scores in the final.

The third-placed athlete was from the Russian Paralympic Committee.

Manish Narwal Final’s Score: –

1INDM. NARWALM45.441.817.119.619.716.021.319.817.5218.2PR
3RPCS. MALYSHEVM45.446.318.818.016.618.517.815.4196.8
4CHNLOU X.M44.346.416.917.916.319.317.4178.5
5CHNYANG C.M41.746.919.816.917.516.5159.3
6SRBZ. PAPAZM44.342.617.417.218.3139.8
7IRIS. JAVANMARDIF40.142.917.318.5118.8
8UZBS. IBRAGIMOVM41.041.517.5100.0