UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Draw Announced. No Messi VS Ronaldo.

Here is a look at the fresh draw after the initial draw was voided.

UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Draw had to be redone after UEFA blundered the first draw. The problem with the first draw was that Manchester United from England and Villareal for La Liga had been placed in the same pot. Both Villareal and Manchester United had qualified from the group and couldn’t be in the same pot. UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Draw was redrawn this afternoon. This was the first time that UEFA Champions League Draw had to be redone. 

UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Draw: 

The fresh picks of the UEFA Champions League Draws are as follows: 

  • PSG VS Real Madrid 
  • Inter Milan VS Liverpool 
  • Villareal VS Juventus 
  • Athletico Madrid VS Manchester United 
  • Chelsea VS Lille 
  • Benfica VS Ajax 
  • Sporting Lisbon VS Manchester City 
  • RB Salzburg VS Bayern Munich 

The above list is the result of the redraw. Initially due to the software malfunctioning Villareal and Manchester United were picked from the same pot. Hence the draw had to be done once again. The initial draw had the footballing community more excited since they would be able to witness Lionel Messi’s take on Cristiano Ronaldo. PSG was initially drawn against Manchester United. But now PSG will take on Real Madrid and Manchester United will go up against Athletico Madrid.  

UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Wrong Draw: 

  • Benfica VS Real Madrid 
  • Villareal VS Manchester City 
  • Athletico Madrid VS Bayern Munich 
  • RB Salzburg VS Liverpool FC 
  • Inter Milan VS Ajax 
  • Sporting Lisbon VS Juventus 
  • Chelsea VS Lille 
  • PSG VS Manchester United 

UEFA blamed the mishap on “a technical and logistical malfunction with the software of an external service provider that instructs the officials as to which teams are eligible to play each other.” 

The fresh UCL draw after the voided draw took place at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, on Monday 13 December. 

While no side can face another team from the same national association or national league. Clubs cannot face opponents they met during the group stage in the earlier phase of the tournament, either. The so-called away goals rule was removed, so ties level after 180 minutes will go to extra time irrespective of the number of goals each team has scored at home and away. If the teams still cannot be separated after the additional 30 minutes, the tie goes to a penalty shoot-out.