Transfer Updates: Cancelo to Bayern Munich, Enzo Fernandez to Chelsea. 500 Million Spent By Chelsea. Best January Transfer Updates. 

Here is a quick round-up of the January Transfer Market and all the crucial transfer updates from the same.

Transfer Updates

This article is your daily roundup of transfer updates. The January transfer market had some of the biggest transfers in the history of English football. Right before the market closed, Cancelo moved to Bayern Munich in search of game time. The Chelsea football club spent a whopping, jaw-dropping $500 million in this transfer market. But if Graham Potter, still doesn’t get effective results, it might be an investment in vain. Enzo Fernandez is set to play English football. Here is a look at all the transfer updates: 

Enzo Fernandez Moves from Benfica to Chelsea for 120 Million: 

Enzo Fernandez, the 19-year-old from Benfica has signed up for the Chelsea football club. Chelsea is looking for a makeover. The mainstays like Cesar Azpilicueta are expected to say goodbye to the squad. They have also let go of Jorginho and Kante is yet to be back. So, they have gone shopping with a big cheque in hand. Enzo Fernandez’s life has changed in the past year.

Transfer Updates
IMG SRC: Argentina

From playing for River Plate in Latin America to playing for Chelsea in the richest football league, he has come a very long way. He made a mark on the international circuit by helping Lionel Messi win the FIFA World Cup. He won the “Young Player of the Tournament” at the FIFA 2022 World Cup.  

River Plate made up to 30 Million from this deal too as they had signed Enzo for a 25% re-sell clause. This was a very smart move by the River Plate managers as they expected Enzo to burst onto the scene and he did.  

Cancelo Moves from Manchester City to Bayern Munich is one of the Best Transfer Updates: 

Cancelo, the best win-backs in the world wasn’t given game time at Bayern Munich. This is as ironic s it can get. The player eventually moved to Bayern Munich, the most successful German club in search of game time. Pep Guardiola wasn’t keen on playing him in the starting XI and hence, Joao decided to move out. He has gone to Munich as a loan deal and they also have a 70 million buy option. The deal is profitable for Bayern Munich as Cancels’s Market value is much more than 70 million. It is one of the profitable transfer updates.

Martinelli Extends Arsenal Contract is one of the Transfer Updates: 

Transfer Updates
IMG SRC: Arsenal

Martinelli, the Brazilian attacker has extended his contract with Arsenal FC. Arsenal is having a good time as a club. They are doing well on the field and our also making good transfers that will benefit them in the long run. They have also signed up Jorginho who was a free agent in the January Transfer Market. Martinelli has signed a contract till 2027. He has an extension option till 2028 if required. Arsenal was trying to hand out extension contracts to William Saliba and Bukayo Saka as well.  

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