Chelsea Legends
One of the most decorated European Club with the best players in Europe.

Chelsea Football Club, it’s not just a team but it is an emotion. The Blues have been one of the most successful clubs in English Football History. From being the Champions of England to become the best in Europe by grabbing the Champions League, Chelsea has witnessed it all. They have had world-class managers in the form of Jose Mourinho, Ancelotti, and Nicolas Anelka. The boys of London have risen from the ashes at times to pick up dream victories. From Didier Drogba to Frank Lampard here’s a list of the 5 greatest Chelsea players of all time: – 

Kerry Dixon: – 

Kerry Michael Dixon is one of the greatest ever to dawn Blue Jersey. He played most of his club football games for the boys from Old Trafford and scored an amazing 193 goals. This tally makes him the third-highest in the list of all-time goalscorers. Kerry won the Second Division twice in his time for Chelsea. He made a scorching 335 appearances. Most of Kerry’s colleagues claim that he was the greatest of their period. His abilities were second to none. His athleticism and charisma on the pitch were unmatched.  

Kerry played professional football for many years but his 9 years at Old Trafford from 1983-1992 justified him as a beast on the field. His dribbling and passing were too good. The ball just stuck to his feet. He was the top scorer at Chelsea for 3 consecutive seasons.  

Petr Cech: – 

Petr undoubtedly had to make it to this list. He is one of the greatest glovemen that the game has ever witnessed which eventually makes him the best at club level. He is currently the Technical Analyst and Advisor with the Blues. The Czech international appeared for Chelsea in 333 appearances. He scored in none of them but saved almost every shot fired at him. One can never forget the image of Petr Cech in his black headgear at the goal for Chelsea. Cech played for 11 long years before moving to the Gunners in 2015. He holds the record for Clean Sheets in Chelsea’s history with 228 Clean Sheets.  

He helped the Blues win 4 Prems, 4 FA Cups, 3 League Cups, 1 Champions League, and 1 Europa League as well. The Keeper is unquestionably one of the most decorated players in the history of the club. Petr has seen and been through all of it. But his catching ability, ball judgment, and flexibility are what set him apart. He has to be named as one of the greatest alongside Gianluigi Buffon and Kasper Schmeichel. 

Didier Drogba: – 

This Ivorian maestro added his charismatic and skillful flavor to the Blues by sheer presence. When Drogba was on the pitch I was more than enough to send chills down the spine of the opposition. He used to make the mockery of defenders with his dribbling skills. One can never forget the image of an emotional Drogba after scoring the Champions League final penalty against Bayern Munich in the year 2012. He initially played for a few years in the French League before moving to England for the Blues. Of the 497 professional appearances that Drogba made, 254 were for CFC.  

Didier scored 104 times while at Chelsea. He was signed for a record-breaking fee of 24 million USD making him the most expensive Ivorian Footballer of all time. Drogba retired from the professional circuit at age 40.  

Frank Lampard: – 

Frank Lampard just had to be on this list. An all-time Chelsea list without Frank is just an insult to this legend. Frank was an integral part of Chelsea’s attack line in the 2000s and 2010s. Lampard was a phenomenon. He was the manager for the Blues from the 2019 start of the season to January 2021. Lampard also holds several records in the Prem. He is the all-time leading goal scorer for Chelsea with 147 goals. Of these, he also holds the record for “Most Goals from outside the box” which is an immense 41 goals. Adjudged as the player of the decade from 2000-2010, Frank made Chelsea a different squad altogether.  

Frank could make the game look graceful. The ball stuck to his feet. He had adaptability to any field across Europe. Crowd pressure didn’t exist for Frank. He was loved by fans from all over the globe. He wasn’t aggressive on-field but could come to the party when it mattered the most. 

John Terry: – 

The best in Blue has to be Terry. He was most recently the head coach at Aston Villa where he groomed the likes of Jack Grealish. Terry certainly bagged a few titles throughout his career. He was the best defender in Europe at his peak, the best defender in England throughout his career, and one of the best backs that the game ever witnessed in his generation. Terry was named UEFA’s Defender of the year 3 times in 2005, 2008, and 2009.  His significant major feat has to be his presence in the FIFAPros XI for 5 consecutive years.  

While playing for the Blues from 1998 to 2017 Terry made a sky-high 492 appearances. He scored 41 times and lead the team to several titles. Terry is the guy who has captained most Chelsea games which are over 500. He helped them reach 17 titles throughout his career.