Messi with PSG Jersey
An image that most of the Barca fans did not like was seeing Messi holding his PSG jersey.

Lionel Messi, the greatest of all time has signed up for Paris Saint Germain, the French club. This development has happened after his previous club, Football Club Barcelona failed to resign him. Paris Saint Germain has recently made several signings to strengthen its squad. Their signings include Gianluigi Donnarumma from AC Milan, Georginio Wijnaldum from Liverpool, and the veteran Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid in this summer transfer window. The maximum of these signings is done for free after these players’ contracts ended for their respective clubs. 

Fallout and formalities at Barca: – 

Lionel Messi unwillingly had to sign for the French giants after he had a fallout with FCB. FCB has fallen into a financial crisis due to which they failed to sign Leo. Though Leo agreed to a pay cut, the La Liga rules didn’t allow the club to get him registered. It was formally declared on the 7th of August that Messi won’t continue for Barca.  

The formalities for Messi signing up for Paris Saint Germain were completed on the 10th of August itself. Before that Leo, had a ceremony for bidding adieu to his childhood club. In this ceremony Messi and his teammates were emotional. Here Messi said, 

 “We have had some good times and some bad times as well, but they love people have shown me has always been the same. I hope that I can come back and be part of this club at any moment, in any way and bring something to help this club be the best in the world. I am forgetting so many things that I wanted to say, but that’s all I can say right now. I’ve thought about it a lot, but the words won’t come to me. Thank you to everyone.” 

Most football fans were sorry to witness this farewell ceremony of Messi, the tears didn’t stop that evening.

Formalities with Paris: – 

After this, the convoy of Messi moved to Paris for the formalities. His jersey presentation and the formal club announcement were done on the 11th of the month. The signing and press conference was on the 12th. While speaking to CNN, the Argentine said that with this move “It is his best chance to win the Champions League!”  

With all the family pictures in the Paris Jersey and a ceremony for addressing the Paris fans, all of the processes were ended. 

Stars who will play alongside Messi: – 

Sergio Ramos with his silky smooth through balls to Messi will be something that the fans will await to see this season!

At PSG, the legend will play alongside previous arch-rival Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid! This will definitely be a treat to watch for every football fan. The MNM combo too will be eye candy. Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe, Paris now have one of the most lethal attacking trios in world football. Apart from this, the transfer of midfield giant Wijnaldum from Liverpool has also put their midfield in full throttle.