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Football News: The game of football is one of the noblest sports. With that being said, the game generally doesn’t want the fans to get harmed in any way or form. Or for that matter, any game and sports person doesn’t want any fan to get harmed in any way or form. But this decorum of sport was brutally broken in a stampede at the Indonesian Football League. It is unfortunate but true that 174 people have lost their lives and over 180 people are injured. Here is an in-depth look: 

Football News: How did the Stampede Happen? 

The riot reportedly started after 1000s of Arema football club fans stormed onto or invaded the pitch after their team launched. Before that, a fight also began among the fans of the two clubs that were played. Both the clubs are Javanese Clubs. One being Arema and the other being Persebaya Surabaya. The game was being held at the Malang regency in Java, Indonesia. Arema lost the game and the fans violently stormed the field. There were thousands of fans on the field.  

To get the situation under control, the Indonesia Police had to fire shells of tear gas and that is when things went downhill.  

2 Police Offers, 172 Fans No More: 


Most of the fans claim that it was an intentional riot between the two arch-rival clubs. The people were attacking the police and the police vehicles were also getting damaged. Many people lost their lives when they got suffocated due to the tear gas and many others lost their lives when they ran to a particular exit that was closed and which led to overcrowding.  

The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo on Sunday ordered a safety check of the country’s football games after clashes between fans and police. The government and the police did not make any claims of the stampede being a planned riot but most of the victims who were at the scene do say the same.  

Football News: One of the Worst Sporting Disasters in History of Sport: 

Over the years, the sport has seen very unfortunate moments. There have been incidents of bombings and illnesses and even stampedes but this incident and its intensity are vicious. This is a clear case of the unplanned and unhandled crowd. The security flaw might also be a reason for the stampedes. Hence this disaster as claimed by many analysts is one of the worst in the history of the sport.  

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