Michael Schumacher
Michael Schumacher was the face of Formula 1 racing for over a decade.

Michael Schumacher has to be undoubtedly the greatest Formula-1 racer of all time. At his peak Schumacher was winning every Grand Prix he took part in. He represented several riding companies including Jordan, Benneton, Ferrari, and Mercedes. Michael Schumacher is currently working as a UN ambassador and he also is a philanthropist. Schumacher was noted for taking his car to the very limit for long periods during races, a pioneering fitness regimen, and the ability to galvanize teams around him. His concentration while dealing with speed was supreme. Here is a look at Michael Schumacher’s life: – 

Michael Schumacher Family: – 

Michael Schumacher was born on 3rd January 1969 in Hurth, West Germany. Schumacher’s parents were Rolf Schumacher who was a bricklayer in Michael’s younger days and Elisabeth Schumacher who was a homemaker. Michael Schumacher’s father, later on, hosted a go-karting business and his mother ran the canteen in that very business. Michael has a brother and a stepbrother. His brothers are Ralf Schumacher and Sebastian Stahl. Michael married Corrina Schumacher in the year 1995 and they both have 2 kids. Gina-Maria Schumacher and Mick Schumacher. 

A file photo of Michael Schumacher and his family.

Michael Schumacher Early Life: – 

When Michael Schumacher was young his father started his go-karting business and this is what attracted Michael to vehicles. When Michael was six years old, he had joined a go-karting club in Kerpen-Horrem. Back in the day, it was required that for a go-karting license you need to be at least 14 years old but most people say that Michael was one of the best karters before 14. And to get the license at age 12, he got the license from Luxembourg.  

Schumacher began professional driving in 1989. He signed up with Willi Weber’s Formula 3 team in 1989 and the next year he was fully funded by Weber and he won the German Formula 3 series standing first! In 1990 he also enrolled in the Mercedes Driving program that helped him dominate the driving circuit.  

Michael Schumacher Education: –

Schumacher has dropped out of college in the year 1986.

Michael Schumacher Net Worth: –

Schumacher’s annual income was 50 Million Dollars via sponsorships, prize money, and all the other earnings. He is said to have a net worth of 800-900 Million Dollars. Michael is renowned for his significant philanthropy work.

Michael Schumacher Career: – 

Michael Schumacher mad a comeback to the circuit in the year 2010 with Mercedes launching their F1 series.

Schumacher represented Jordan for 1 year in 1991. Further, he shifted to the Benneton’s for 4 years. From 1991-1995 his performances at Benneton were clinical. Schumacher won the first World Championship in the year 1994 and before that, all of his performances were great but not great enough to win him a podium finish. He then represented Ferrari for 10 long years from 1996-2006. And in the very far end of his career, he stayed at Mercedes.  

Michael Schumacher Achievements and Awards: – 

Record Date first achieved Current record 
Most Championship titles of all timeIn 2003 7 times
Most consecutive titles of all timeFrom 2000 to 2004 5 times
Most races left in the season when becoming World Champion of all timeIn 2002 6 times
Most wins in a season of all timeIn 2004 13 times
Most pole positions at the same Grand Prix of all timeJapan 1994–1995, 1998–2002, 2004 8  times
Most wins at the same Grand Prix of all timeFrance 1994–1995, 1997–1998, 2001–2002, 2004, 2006 8  times
Most seasons with a win of all time1992–2006 15  times
Most consecutive seasons with a win in history1992–2006 15  times
Most consecutive top-two finishes in historyBrazil 2002 – Japan 2002 15  times
Most podium finishes in a season 2002 17  times
The highest percentage of podium finishes in one season of all time2002 100% 
Most consecutive podium finishes in history2001 United States Grand Prix – 2002 Japanese Grand Prix 19 times  
Longest time between first and last podium finishes 1992 Mexican Grand Prix – 2012 European Grand Prix 7,399 days 
Fastest laps in history2001 Australian Grand Prix 77  times
Fastest laps in a season of all time2004 10  times
Most hat-tricks (pole, win, and fastest lap) 2002 Japanese Grand Prix 22  times
Most hat-tricks in a season 2004 5  times
Most races with a single constructor 2005 European Grand Prix 181  times
Table Credits: – Wikipedia