WIPL 2023: 5 IPL franchises show interest in buying women’s WIPL team BCCI considering $50 million base price for WIPL team.

Women's IPL
Women's IPL

WIPL 2023: With just four months left for the men’s IPL as well as the women’s IPL to begin, the BCCI is yet to announce its plans. The major point that has not yet been made public is the process of obtaining a franchise.

However, according to sports media, Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings will have their own WIPL teams and are ready to take the tender documents as soon as the BCCI announces the same. Five other IPL teams have also shown interest.

The five-team tournament Women’s Indian Premier League (WIPL) was sanctioned by the BCCI at its AGM last month. The schedule of the 22-match tournament was also decided by the board.

Men’s IPL franchises that are already in existence have shown interest in buying franchise players. However, the stakeholders are not sure how to split the franchises.

Interested IPL franchises in WIPL team:

  1. Mumbai Indians
  2. Chennai Super Kings
  3. Royal Challengers Bangalore
  4. Punjab Kings
  5. Rajasthan Royals
  6. Delhi Capitals
  7. Kolkata Knight Riders
  8. Sree Aurobindo Pharma