Which sports are best to bet on?


There are many articles on the internet stating that there is more money to bet on a certain sport than on other. Therefore, they conclude that it would be better to focus on one sport than another, even if you’re not knowledgeable about it. A concept that’s pretty ridiculous when you think about it.

In this guide, we will learn more about which sports are best to bet on.

One rule: Only bet on sports that you know well

A professional gambler wins consistently, on the long-term, from sports betting. We are talking about winning the same amount every time (of course, there may be some differences depending on luck).

In order to win consistently, besides choosing the best sports betting site, a professional bettor usually has a clear betting strategy that improves over time. It is more convenient for sports betting to bet based on math and statistics and less on luck. But in order to reach such a level and get the analysis right, the bettor needs to know a lot of information, and much of it relates directly to the sport.

It is obvious that the analysis of a game depends on the sport we are betting on. We cannot look at football and tennis in the same way. Football matches often depend on the unavailable players, the way a team plays home and away, the playing styles of the two teams, and many other aspects. If a gambler specializes in football and has followed this sport for a long time, they should not bet on tennis matches in which they have barely any interest.

It’s very unlikely that you’ll make more money from a sport you don’t know than from the one you follow all the time. Furthermore, if you just don’t like a certain sport, it’s quite difficult to learn everything about it.

The conclusion is simple: only place bets on sports that you know very well.

It would be ideal to experiment a bit to see which betting type is most profitable for you, but of course, you also need to consider the sport and stake in relation.

Individual or team sports?

I bet you think live betting on team sports is more rewarding than betting on individual sports? Group psychology can have a strong influence on the direction in which a game is going, and as such, it is often more difficult to predict the behaviour of just one player.

In a team sport, even if a player has had a bad day or is out of shape, you won’t feel much of it because his teammates can make up for those weaknesses. In an individual sport, it is very different. Of course, if you are well informed and know how to properly analyse a game, even in sports like tennis, you can avoid surprises and make good predictions. I would recommend avoiding small odds betting on individual sports because they are not beneficial in the long run.

Live betting

Live betting can be a great way to increase your winnings.

Research is key to making a good decision before you place your bets on any given game. Live betting is similar to other forms of gambling, with one exception. The data that you use for your plays comes directly from the game you just watched. It can be difficult to compare two teams and predict the outcome of a game. It might be easier to see them in action live for a quarter. This luxury is possible with live betting.

Remember that momentum swings can cause games to change direction and that there are always opportunities for them to win. Be wary of overpriced odds if you immediately think about backing the team that scores first or looks like they will win. Online betting sites are aware of the recency bias that bettors have and will often place too much value on what happens early in the game. It’s important not to just look at the scoreboard or numbers but also to dig deeper into each team’s strengths and weaknesses. You must be present when you are betting live to stay ahead of the betting public, who may not be able to see the game and make poor decisions.

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