India VS Pakistan

The India VS Pakistan saga on the venue of hosting the games between the two nations continues. The latest update is that after India has rejected to play the Asia Cup 2023 in Pakistan, the Pakistan Cricket Board is expected to request the ICC to schedule its ICC ODI World Cup 2023 games in Sri Lanka or Bangladesh. What incited the PCB to make this call was India’s denial to play the Aisa Cup games in Pakistan. This report was made public by the ANI media house and has left the cricket world startled. But the information was released by a close source in the Pakistan Cricket Board. Here is an in-depth look: 

Pakistan Not Willing to Play ODI World Cup 2023 Games in India: 

The Pakistan Cricket Team is not willing to play their ODI World Cup 2023 games in India. The PCB will be requesting the BCCI and the ICC to schedule the games of the Pakistan team in a neutral venue like Bangladesh or Sri Lanka. This development comes after the Indian team denied taking part in the Asia Cup games that will be held in Pakistan. The Asian Cricket Council suggested the PCB revise the games of the Indian cricket team to a neutral venue like UAE or Oman. The ACC also suggested that if India will be playing the final of the Asia Cup, post-qualification, it has to be scheduled at a neutral venue too.  

India vs Pakistan at the T20 World Cup
The Pakistan Cricket team is losing out on a lot of revenue as India has disassociated from them.

This is what a PCB official had to say, “Yes, we are thinking that we will not travel to India for World Cup matches if BCCI didn’t send their team to Pakistan for Asia Cup. We want Sri Lanka or Bangladesh to host our matches, we want to play there not in India.”  

The Asia Cup 2023 will take place in the initial part of September 2023. India denying taking part in that tournament which will be held in Pakistan will also affect the Champions Trophy 2025, which will also be held in Pakistan itself. 

Why Is the BCCI not Willing to Send its Players to Pakistan? 

Indian Cricket Team India VS Pakistan
The BCCI respects the security of the players and hence the suggestion of rescheduling was made. IMG SRC: BCCI

e issue was raised when the BCCI denied sending its cricket team to Pakistan to take part in the Asia Cup 2023. But the BCCI has security concerns. Post the incident that took place with the Sri Lankan team in 2009, the PCB has not earned the confidence of any cricketing board to the fullest. The BCCI had a very simple stand, “Even if we as a body allow the players, the final decision lies in the hands of the Indian government, which is certainly a “big no”.” 

Cricket in Pakistan has been reinstated slowly and steadily but the cricket boards are still against sending their teams to Pakistan. The teams that have played cricket here include Zimbabwe, Kenya, NZ, Australia, and England. But the top-ranked sides have sent their second-string players due to security concerns. They have not sent the first-choice players as they fear for their security. This is a major red flag for the BCCI. 

India VS Pakistan Last 5 Games: 

The India VS Pakistan last 5 games have all been very interesting. The India VS Pakistan political battle continues but even on the field, the teams are very fierce while locking horns. Here is a look at the last 5 India VS Pakistan ODI games: 

India vs Pakistan
Last India locked horns with Pakistan in the T20 format. But when was the last ODI encounter? Here is a look.
Match Number Occasion Date Result 
India VS Pakistan (ODI World Cup 2019 Semi-Final) 16th June 2019 India won by 89 runs. 
India VS Pakistan (Asia Cup 2018)  23rd September 2018 India won by 9 wickets. 
India VS Pakistan (Asia Cup 2018) 19th Septmeber 2018 India won by 8 wickets. 
India VS Pakistan (Champions Trophy 2017) 18th June 2017 Pakistan won by 180 runs. 
India VS Pakistan (Champions Trophy 2017)  4th June 2017 India won by 124 runs. 

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