CWC 2023: Super Six scenarios, what each team needs to do to qualify for the Cricket World Cup

CWC 2023 Super Six scenarios
CWC 2023 Super Six scenarios

CWC 2023: Super Six scenarios, what each team needs to do to qualify for the Cricket World Cup: Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe are having an unblemished run in the Cricket World Cup qualifiers but two other target-chasing teams can also be dreaming of a crucial top-two finish.

Sri Lanka, the champions of the 1996 World Cup, and Zimbabwe, the hosts of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Qualifier 2023, have taken significant strides towards securing their spots in the prestigious event in India. Their unbeaten starts in the qualification campaigns have put them in a promising position.

Both teams emerged victorious in all their group matches and continued their winning streak by earning four points in the Super Six stage. Furthermore, they have added another crucial win to their tally, further strengthening their chances of qualification.

Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka Match review:  With impressive winning streaks, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe currently sit at the top of the Super Six standings, setting the stage for a crucial showdown.

However, it’s worth noting that only the top two teams at the conclusion of the tournament will secure qualification for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023.

Unfortunately, the West Indies will not be among those qualifying teams. Despite being two-time Cricket World Cup champions, they entered the Super Six stage with zero points and suffered a devastating defeat to Scotland, ultimately crashing out of the tournament.   

The ICC Men's Cricket World Cup will be held in India later this year, but each Super Six side still has two games left to play.

Here are the qualification requirements for each team to secure a spot in the Cricket World Cup:

#1. Sri Lanka

Srilanka squads for Icc t20 World Cup 2022
Sri Lanka
Super Six played: 3
Super Six won: 3 (Oman, Scotland, Netherlands)
Super Six points: 6
Net run-rate: +1.832
Still to play: Zimbabwe (2 July), West Indies (7 July)
Qualifying Chances: Excellent.

Sri Lanka have been in poor form during the Cricket World Cup qualifiers and have so far restricted each of their opponents to scores of less than 200 runs during their unbeaten run.

The upcoming tie with Zimbabwe is shaping up to be a preview of the final of the tournament, although Sri Lanka will focus on getting the win first that will secure their place in the Cricket World Cup.

Even if they lose the match against the hosts, Sri Lanka’s qualification hopes will rest in their hands, but they will need to beat an unpredictable West Indies team to ensure a place in India.

Sri Lanka’s impressive net run-rate, particularly following their dominant victory over Oman, has bolstered their chances of qualification. However, securing a win against Zimbabwe will solidify their position in the tournament.

 #2. Zimbabwe

Super Six played: 3
Super Six won: 3 (Netherlands, West Indies, Oman)
Super Six points: 6
Net run-rate: +0.752
Still to play: Sri Lanka (2 July), Scotland (4 July)
Chances of Qualification: Promising

Tournament hosts Sri Lanka are in a similar position, with identical win-loss records and so far an exciting clash against a second-form side.

A victory over Sri Lanka would enhance Zimbabwe’s hold on a spot at the Cricket World Cup in India, although they would still require another win against Scotland or favorable outcomes in other matches to secure their qualification.

A loss to Sri Lanka will be costly but not necessarily disastrous for Zimbabwe, as their next match against Scotland will be their second chance to cement their place.

If Zimbabwe were to lose both of those high-stakes fixtures, they would be in serious danger of conceding a Cricket World Cup spot to one of the teams currently below them.

With a formidable batting lineup complementing their home ground advantage, Zimbabwe finds themselves in a favorable position to make their 10th appearance in the Cricket World Cup, having missed out on the previous edition in 2019.

#3. Scotland

Super Six played: 3
Super Six won: 2 (Oman, West Indies)
Super Six points: 4
Net run-rate: +0.188
Still to play: Zimbabwe (4 July), Netherlands (6 July)
Chances of Qualification: Moderate

Scotland gave their qualification hopes a huge boost with a stunning win over the West Indies, while at the same time effectively defeating the two-time Cricket World Cup champions.

But Scotland will need to win both of their remaining fixtures to have a chance of qualifying for the Cricket World Cup in India.

A defeat against Sri Lanka during the group stage may have significant implications, but Scotland will now rely on Sri Lanka to emerge victorious in their upcoming Super Sixes clash against hosts Zimbabwe.

If Sri Lanka manages to secure a win, it would put Scotland’s qualification aspirations within their control. In such a scenario, Scotland’s own triumph over hosts Zimbabwe would level the points between the two teams, with only the visitors having an additional match to play.

Two more wins could also take Scotland ahead of Sri Lanka, but they will have to hope the Asian country lose both their remaining matches.

#4. Netherlands

ICC World Cup 2023 Qualifier: Netherlands announced their squad for CWC Qualifier
Super Six played: 3
Super Six won: 1 (West Indies)
Super Six points: 2
Net run-rate: -0.560
Still to play: Oman (3 July), Scotland (6 July)
Chances of Qualification: Moderate

Netherlands stormed into the Super Six stage with an exhilarating Super Over triumph against the West Indies and impressed with their outstanding batting displays against Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka.

However, those admirable defeats against the tournament favorites are likely to have severe consequences for Netherlands’ qualification chances. Even if they secure victories in their remaining Super Six matches, it seems unlikely that they will ascend to a top-two position.

To revive their hopes, the Netherlands would not only need to win both matches convincingly but also significantly improve their currently modest net run-rate. Additionally, they would require several favorable outcomes from other matches.

Nonetheless, the Netherlands has already demonstrated in the Cricket World Cup Qualifier that it would be unwise to dismiss them prematurely.

#5. West Indies

West Indies announced the ODI series against UAE ahead of CWC Qualifiers
West Indies
Super Six played: 3
Super Six won: 0
Super Six points: 0
Net run-rate: -0.510
Still to play: Oman (5 July), Sri Lanka (7 July)
Chances of Qualification: Doubtful

For the first time in history, the two-time Cricket World Cup champions, West Indies, will not be participating in the prestigious tournament. Their hopes of qualification were shattered by a devastating loss to Scotland.

Entering the Super Six stage with zero points, West Indies’ qualification dreams were already in jeopardy after a thrilling Super Over defeat to the Netherlands in the group stage. Furthermore, they faced a setback in a hard-fought chase against Zimbabwe, falling short on wickets.

While West Indies will aim to salvage some pride in their remaining match against Oman and potentially influence the final Super Six standings against Sri Lanka, their primary focus will be on reflecting upon their shortcomings and devising strategies to regain their form.

#6. Oman

Super Six played: 3
Super Six won: 0
Super Six points: 0
Net run-rate: -2.139
Still to play: Netherlands (3 July), West Indies (5 July)
Chances of Qualification: None

Oman started their tournament on a high note, securing impressive victories against Ireland and UAE. However, they showcased their true mettle when they posed a significant challenge to Zimbabwe while chasing a formidable target of 332 runs in the Super Six opener.

The Asian nation’s objective now is to attain at least one more triumph, concluding their commendable campaign on a positive note. Nevertheless, despite their commendable performances, Oman’s chances of qualifying for the Cricket World Cup have already diminished.

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