Masked wrestlers have been an integral part of the WWE since the 1990s. The WWE Universe has seen the likes of Vader, Hurricane, and Mankind. All of these wrestlers have left behind a legacy. A legacy that has to be carried forward. Masked wrestling originally hails from Mexico where every wrestler has his very own unique mask. A mask is a wrestlers’ pride. In recent times we have seen several high-flying wrestlers wear a mask. So, who are they? Who is the best of the best? Here’s a look at the top 5 masked wrestlers in the WWE: –

Kalisto: –

One of the most recent entries in the category of masked wrestlers is Kalisto. This feather-weight wrestler was a rage in the WWE in 2014 and 2015. He began as a Tag Team Champion in NXT along with El Local. El Local had previously featured on the WWE network as Ricardo Rodriguez, Alberto Del Rio’s manager. Kalisto then moved to the main WWE Roster. Kalisto had his reign as a United States Champion. His tag-team with Sin Cara known as The Lucha Dragons was exceptionally successful.

Sin Cara: –

Sin Cara earlier known as Mystico in Mexico was one of the WWE’s top signings. Cara was heavily pushed by the WWE to be a top star. Sin Cara had an amazing entrance. He used to jump over the ring and perform over-the-top, high-flying moves. His finisher known as the Moonsault Side Slam was one of the best. He did not win any of the titles but the WWE had amazing storylines for him such as the Sin Cara VS Sin Cara match. He used to perform under a typical yellowish blue color light to make a great vibe.

Mankind: –

Mankind is one of the most extreme wrestlers in the WWE. His match with The Undertaker at King of the Ring is one of the most iconic matches in the WWE. Mankind or better known as Mick Foley or Cactus Jack is one wrestler who has performed the most heart-throbbing stunts in WWE. Mankind was pushed off the Hell in a Cell on the announcer’s table. Further, he was Chokeslammed from above into the mat through the ring. Mankind was once a WCW Champion as well.

Kane: –

Demon Kane is one of the most well-portrayed wrestlers in WWE. His impact on the WWE was tremendous. His debut at the very first Hell in a Cell match featuring Undertaker and Shawn Michaels is one memory that every WWE fan will cherish. Jim Ross at the announcer’s table was yelling, “It’s Kane, It’s Kane, Demon Kane!”. Further, Kane went on to have several iconic matches in the WWE. However, his feud with on-screen brother Undertaker is unforgettable.

Rey Mysterio: –

Rey Mysterio is hands down the best-masked wrestler in the WWE. We generally associate masked wrestlers with Rey Mysterio. Mysterio has made a legacy of himself. He has recently made his comeback to the WWE. He was the first cruiserweight wrestler to win the World Heavyweight Championship in the WWE.