NBA teams

The NBA is one of the most dominant leagues in the world of franchise sports. NBA is a league that decided the format and paved the way for professional sports leagues. The foundation of several other leagues across the globe is based on the idea of the NBA. There have been several franchises over the years in the NBA, who have won the NBA league. However, the most successful in the NBA are the teams that can consistently keep performing over and over again. Here is a look at some of the NBA teams and franchisees who have seemed to have cracked the code. A look at the top 5 most successful NBA franchises: – 

5) San Antonio Spurs: – 

Under the ownership of Peter Joh Holt, the San Antonio Spurs is an NBA franchise established in the late 60s. The team was initially known by two names, the Dallas Chaparrals and the Texas Chaparrals. The current president of the club is Gregg Popovich. The team is a compilation of giants and brutally attacking players. They were a force to reckon with. They have had their hands on 5 NBA Championships, 6 Conference Titles, and 22 Divisional titles.  

The legends to have ever played for this franchise includes a list of “Hall of Famers.” Mo Cheeks who averaged 11 points per game and Tim Duncan who averaged 19 points per game are the athletes who make the Spurs an iconic franchise. The list also includes David Robinson, Dennis Rodman, and Louise Dampier. The fans of San Antonio are passionate about their game. The team never had the big names of Kobe or MJ but still has managed to find a place in the hearts of the fans.  

4) Chicago Bulls: – 

If you love basketball, Chicago is one hell of a place for you. Founded in 1966, the team has done wonders over the years. Under the leadership of President Michael Reinsdorf, the team has won several accolades.  The Bulls and their iconic games with Cleveland, the Patriots, and Miami are something that the lovers can never miss out on. The team has got a hold on 6 NBA titles, 6 Conference Titles, and 9 Divisional Titles.  

The major factor that has held back the Chicago Bulls is player mismanagement. The workload over the players has not been managed well, resulting in injuries. All of their titles are in the Jordan Era. One can never thank the Chicago Bulls enough for creating the Legend Michael Jordan. The greatest to ever come on the court was given to the sport by this very franchise. In the 2010s, the Bulls did show more promise. Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah were the leaders who lead the resurrection. This team doesn’t lack anything but the intent in recent times. They have the formula to win the league and become dominant as ever again.  

3) Golden State Warriors: – 

Founded in 1946 as the Philadelphia Warriors and then switching names to San Francisco Warriors and then settling for the Golden State Warriors, the team has come a long way. The team is home to the pocket dynamite Steph Curry. The Golden State Warriors were the second winner of the NBA. It was under the leadership and guidance of Wilt Chamberlin that this victory was possible. Since then, the Warriors have got their hands on 6 NBA Championships, 6 Conference Titles, and 12 Divisional Titles.  

The dominance of the Warriors was seemingly over from the 1970s to 2010s. After they bought Stephen Curry in 2009, he changed the dynamics of the group. Since then, the GSW have added 3 more championships and 5 Conference Titles. Stephen was the ray of hope that this franchise required. His presence on-court has just helped the GSW management to believe. Rick Barry, Nat Thurmond, and Chris Mullin are the other legends who have dawned on the Blue and Yellow.  

2) Boston Celtics: – 

Who other than the Boston Celtics, will stand a chance in the NBA in front of the Lakers. Boston is the second most successful franchise in the history of the league. Founded in 1946, the team ensures that the TD Garden is a full house every gameday. They have won a whopping 17 NBA titles, 9 Conference Titles, and 31 Divisional Titles. The Boston Celtics, year after year have been unstoppable. They have the perfect recipe for victory. Under the ownership of Wyc Grousbeck, the team is expected to grow more.  

Boston has been home to many NBA Legends. The Deputy of the Dream Team, Larry Bird, was their finding. The Celtics groomed Larry and made him into an unstoppable hurricane. Bill Russell and Bob Cousy are two more examples of great scouting. The Boston management looked well after their players and made sure they get enough recovery time.  

1) Los Angeles Lakers: – 

The Los Angeles Lakers were obviously on the top of the list. They have a heart-stopping, gut-wrenching, 21.8 million fans on Facebook and an estimated number of 100 million fans all over the globe. The Lakers and their Yellow and Purple have taken the world by storm. Year after year, the Lakers have produced the MVP. Found in 1947, the Lakers were the winners of the very first NBA edition. They have won 17 NBA Championships, 19 Conference Titles, and 33 Divisional Trophies.  

Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Magic Johnson, LeBron James, and Kareem-Abdul Jabbar are the contributions of the lakers to the team. Not to forget the other Hall of Famers. The LA Lakers have made sure that the face of the league is always a player in Yellow and Purple.