The Los Angeles Lakers are the most successful franchise in the history of the NBA. But to be successful you need to have great players, isn’t it? Year after year, season after season and game after game, the Lakers have put on great performances. The Lakers have seemingly dominated almost every season barring a few. It just seems as if they have great management that turns common players into unstoppable giants. Here are a look at the best of the best, the top 5 Los Angeles Lakers’ Players of all time: – 

5) LeBron James: – 

LeBron James is bound to be on the list. He has dominated the league while playing for the Lakers almost every season. LeBron shares a great dynamic with JaVale Mcgee and every other teammate. He averages 26 points per game and 8.1 rebounds as well. The numbers just show how dominant and consistent LeBron has been for the men in yellow. His work ethic, discipline on-court, and passion for the game set him apart. One can never forget the famous “LeBron Block”, the signature moves of this legend.  

4) Kareem Abdul Jabbar: – 

Kareem Abdul Jabbar is arguably on number 4 as you can easily switch him with Shaquille O’Neal on the list. Both the men are strong and tall. Kareem playing as a center with the number 33 is unforgettable for every Lakers fan. His 14 years at LA and the effect he had on the team will be something to cherish about. One can never his stats of 22.1 points per game complemented with 9.4 rebounds. He is a 6-time champion with the squad.  

3) Shaquille O’Neal: – 

While making a list of the most dominant and successful Lakers, Shaq has to be on the list. Shaq was a monster on the field. Shaquille with his 7ft stature was elite. His agility and mobility with that size are what most medical analysts praise. He played Center for LA for 8 long years. He won the title 4 times! Every title with LA! Shaq has broken 12.5 backboards while playing the game he loves. 

2) Magic Johnson: – 

The Captain of the Dream Team in 1992, Magic Johnson is a must feature on the list. Magic dominated NBA in the pre-MJ era. He was the greatest of the game alongside Larry Bird in his time. Before the HIV scandal forced him out of the league, Magic already had collected all the accolades with LA Lakers. He played with them for 13 years winning the 5 titles.  

1) Kobe Bryant: – 

Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant is the greatest LA Laker of all time. Kobe seals the deal due to his stats as well as the influence he had. The streets will never forget the time when the Lakers were 2-0 up in a series final and Kobe wasn’t smiling. Upon enquiring, why he isn’t smiling, he said, “The jobs not done yet.” This just shows the passion he had for the sport and his love for winning.