FIFA World Cup 2022: Top 3 Young Players to Watch Out for.  

From a young Neymar Jr to Paul Pogba, the FIFA World Cup has given us many superstars. So, who are they this time around? Here is a look.

FIFA World Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is just about to start. The international teams are brewing and getting ready for the kick-off whistles. Over the years, the FIFA World Cups have always had great young players. We have seen Paul Pogba at the FIFA 2014 World Cup and Kylian Mbappe at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. At the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Thomas Muller won the award for “Young Player of the Tournament.” So, which players are probable contenders to be crowned as the “Young Player of the Tournament” at FIFA World Cup 2022? Here is a look: 

FIFA World Cup 2022 will feature Vinicius Jr playing for Brazil: 

IMG SRC: Real Madrid

2014 had Brazil relying on Neymar Jr. A similar young name has been doing rounds now. It is Vinicius Jr. FIFA World Cup 2022 that will see Vini leading the forward line of Brazil. He will play alongside Neymar and Coutinho. If he can get the tuning with the central mid-fielders like Coutinho and Casemiro, there is no stopping the Brazilians.  

Richarlison will also be playing alongside Vini. Vini has a good combination of experience around him. He has played big games like the UCL Final with Real Madrid in 2021. If he expresses himself and plays to his potential there is a very limited chance that Brazil has a bad tournament. He has good ball control too. 

Gavi will play for Spain in FIFA World Cup 2022: 

IMG SRC: Forbes

Pablo Martin Gaez Gavira also known as Gavi will be playing for Spain at the World Cup. Like Spain had Iniesta and Xavi, today Spain has Gavi and Pedri. Pedri has been playing alongside Gavi for Barcelona. Barcelona as a team had a very poor season compared to the standard that they have set but Pedri and Gavi were the only positives for them. Pedri was shining like a bright star at the Euros 2020 and now it is time for Gavi to take center stage.  

Gavi has good ball control and great vision. He can make those penetrative passes. He can play very well alongside Alvaro Morata as the striker. Gavi has a very attacking game and Spain needs to make effective use of it.  

Jude Bellingham: 


Jude Bellingham will be playing for England at the FIFA World Cup 2022. England has always had an exciting talent. Earlier it was the likes of Wayne Rooney and David Beckham and today it has shifted to Mason Mount and Bellingham. Jude has an electric pace. He has been playing for Borussia Dortmund and does what he does best, which is being a beast on the field. He has a great first touch and his pace gives him the extra edge.  

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