Deschamps and France's struggle seems inevitable ahead of their quarterfinal clash
Deschamps with the two French greats (Image: RTBF)

The Euro campaign is well underway and has reached its ending stages, with France, one of the favourites, falling apart in all the games competed as of yet. The French have been the best in the world for over 6 years now since their unstoppable title clinch in the World Cup 2018.

Since then the French side has often been referred to as the favorites of the World Cup and even the Euros. However, despite reaching the finals of World Cup 2022, the Mbappe-led French side could not defend their title successfully against Messi’s Argentine greats. In the Euros of 2021, the French fell back to the Swiss side in the most thrilling Round of 16 contest, where a 3-3 draw in the legal time was seen at the penalties, where Switzerland went into the Quarter-finals.

However, this unstoppable side comprised stars from leagues around the world; the World No. 2 ranked French side has been disastrous in their Euro 2024 campaign. Deschamps started feeling the heat ahead of the Round of 16 clash against Belgium; however, they saw it off to the quarterfinals in a fluky manner.

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Deschamps poor choices among his defenders

The French boss has always been pressing over the fact that attacking football can win you games; however, it is often a firm defense that hands you the title, an adaptation of a strategy from the famous Sir Alex Ferguson.

However, the French backline has been the most successful in the competition, as they have kept the maximum clean sheets. With Saliba, Kounde, and Hernandez stepping up for France, it has been a concern that the Bayern centre-back, Upamecano, has been the weak limb in the firm-most defense line of Euro 2024. It was his lost play that cost France the top spot in Group D, as he gave the penalty away to Poland in their group-stage encounter.

Mid-field massacre

Rabiot and Tchouameni have not been the most unconvincing performers in the Frech setup, as they have often shown an interest in producing something special.

However, Rabiot seems to be under the radar due to his probable lack of confidence, as in the goalless draw against the Netherlands, Rabiot kept the ball waiting for Griezmann while he had the best of chances to shoot on goal. The central midfielder has lacked some competence in attacking positions.

The Real Madrid star has been quite phenomenal among the failed French set-up; however, once again the question arises over Deschamps’s role, as he hands Tchouameni a more defensive duty and has restricted his movement into forward areas, which has reduced the threat from the French midfield.

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Great Griezmann not having the best of campaigns

Is it time for the Atletico Madrid star to call off his services to the national side? Griezmann has been France’s hero for over a decade now, one of the pioneer reasons for France’s success in the World Cup 2018.

Often deployed in the role of a secondary striker after the arrival of Mbappe and previously under Giroud and Benzema, Griezmann has played the role of a playmaker, as he has set up the best of chances for fellow teammates. He has also often stepped up to be the set-piece as well as penalty taker in the pre-Mbappe era.

However, the legend’s charm seemed to have fallen apart in this Euro campaign, as he has failed to produce anything special and has also missed a ton of chances fumbling in front of goal.

Never-ending Dembele fiasco

Ousmane Dembele is not a worthy enough player to be included in the starting XI; this would be the worst line ever by a football fan. Dembele has shown how dangerous he can be when he advances into the opponent’s penalty box; however, the concern has been with his finishing and finesse when it comes to shooting at goal.

He has yet to score a goal in any major tournament for France, and hence he seems to be more of a hindrance, and Koman should stand a chance to count in for the Dembele dilemma.

With Mbappe sceptic and Thuram’s experiment gone wrong, is it time to call in Giroud?

The great French forward is probably playing his last Euro for the side, though he is yet to receive an actual game time in the tournament. Giroud has not seen a chance to be called in so far.

Mbappe, with or without the injury or the eye mask, has not been in his prime for the French, and his revival of form remains to be sceptic. Thuram, who was featured as the centre-forward in the game against Belgium, has failed miserably, and hence, looking at France’s failed on-target shots, Giroud can now be brought back into the side.

With his fine finishing, aerial presence, and positioning, the three which the French forward line has lacked so far, Giroud can be the most ideal pick for France, and all these things will add up to France’s chances further in the Cup.