FIFA World Cup 2022

Football is a sport for the youth. It is a sport played to celebrate youth. Many of these young players will compete in the FIFA World Cup 2022. In 2018, it was Kylian Mbappe; in 2014, it was Paul Pogba, and in 2010, it was Thomas Muller. Over the years, the tournament has given us true gems. There are many such talents this time around too. The top three players are from three different nations and are all attackers. Here is a look at all of them: 

Jamal Musiala plays for Germany at the FIFA World Cup 2022: 

Jamal Musiala has been making life hell for the midfielders. He has been making dribble after dribble after dribble. Though Germany did not manage to qualify for the knockout stages, it was Jamal who left a strong impression. He completed more than 19 dribbles in one game. That is just close to a FIFA World Cup record. Musiala showed great vision and passed the balls very precisely. His accuracy is his biggest strength. The Bayern Munich player will be keen on making a big contribution to the 2024 Euros.  

Bukayo Saka plays for England at the FIFA World Cup 2022: 

FIFA World Cup 2022
IMG SRC: Arsenal FC

Bukayo Saka from Arsenal has been great too. He has been the strike force for England alongside Harry Kane. He is rated a 7.74 by the analysts. His pace is a true asset. Season after season England has been producing many young talents and Bukayo is just another one from that factory. He has a great first touch. He traps the ball very well and knows exactly when to release the same. He has 3 goals to his name.  

Jude Bellingham plays for England: 

FIFA World Cup 2022

Jude Bellingham is the best midfielder in the tournament. The player from BVB Dortmund is playing according to his anticipation. He registered himself in the record books as one of the youngest goal scorers for England at the FIFA World Cup. Born in 2003 Jude has made a strong impact. His asset is his physique and his agility. With that physique, players generally tend to be slow at turning but Jude is like a rocket. He became the youngest player to assist a goal for England at the World Cup 2022.  

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