FIFA World Cup 2022
IMG SRC: Brazil National Team

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is going to be one of the most celebrated events in international sports. The footballing community goes mad when this tournament begins. The Indian fans log on to the broadcasting channels early in the morning or late at night but do not miss a single game. This time around Brazil seems to be a firm favorite. Many analysts see Brazil at least making it to the semi-finals with ease. So, who are the crucial players for the Brazil National team? Swipe to know: 

Casemiro Will Play at the FIFA World Cup 2022: 

FIFA World Cup
IMG SRC: Real Madrid

Casemiro, the man who has recently switched from Real Madrid to Manchester United will take the responsibility of the mid-field for Brazil. He will have Fred or Coutinho to his aid. He has been there and done it all. Casemiro happens to be a 4-time UCL winner with the Los Blancos. He is a big-match player. His ball control and vision are elite.  

Marquinhos will Play at the FIFA World Cup 2022 for Brazil: 

Marquinhos is supremely underrated. He has been a part of the PSG squad for a very long time. Marquinhos also happens to be one of the top defenders in the Ligue 1 for years. He is a beast when it comes to making clearances and while making interceptions. He can read the game very well. Marqunihos will play in tandem with Thiago Silva. Both of them have previously played together at PSG. 


Neymar Jr. at FIFA World Cup
IMG SRC: Futbol

The heart of the Brazilian fans beats for this sensation. This maestro, if plays to potential, will single-handedly get the trophy to where it belongs. Neymar is a concise portrayal of sheer talent and exquisite ball control. He makes the defenders dance to his tunes. One cannot simply forget that Neymar is also a player for the big games. His performance from 2016 UCL comes to mind, where he scored 4 games in the historic comeback of Barcelona against PSG. 

Thiago Silva: 

Thiago Silva is aging but he is aging like fine wine. His performances for Chelsea have been above average. He brings a hell lot of experience to the table. There are no other good options for the Brazilians. They have to pick a few senior experienced players who have authority on the pitch. Thiago is a good reader of the game. His aerial duals are also good. He doesn’t make many interceptions but his tackles are clean. 

Richardson will Play at the FIFA World Cup 2022 for Brazil: 

IMG SRC: Sky Sports

Richarlison has to become a goal-scoring machine if Brazil wants to win. The Everton player has to unleash the best in him. He played for Brazil at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics too. His pace is his strength. He is making life hell for the defenders in the Premier League. If he can find a rhythm playing in tandem with Neymar, the duo will become unstoppable. 

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