FIFA World Cup 2022
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The French national football team currently ranked number 4 in the world will be on the list of favorites for winning the FIFA World Cup 2022. The defending Champions from 2018 will have a great set of players this time around as well. Off-late their performances in the multi-national tournaments have been mediocre but that is because of the too many combinations or options that the France team has. They have many mid-fielders, a truckload of strikers, and many good defenders. So, who are the top 5 or best 5 players on the pitch for France? 

Kylian Mbappe will be at the FIFA World Cup 2022: 

Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe is the first name on the sheet of the France National team. There isn’t a better or higher-valued striker in the world at the moment. We do have Haaland but his style of play is different than that of Kylian. Mbappe is a more pace-oriented, skill-based player. His runs are vicious. He has been making the French defenders dance to his tunes in the Ligue 1. His strengths are his pace and his vision.  

Paul Pogba: 

One of the strongest personalities in world football, Paul Pogba becomes a different player when it comes to the National team. He becomes a leader in the true sense while playing for France. He pulls out moments of magic with his long shots. His passes become crisper and more precise. His coordination with Kylian is the key to France’s success at the FIFA World Cup 2022. Pogba is currently in Italy with Juventus. Pogba is the best available attacking mid-fielder for the French Team.  

N’Golo Kante will be at the FIFA World Cup 2022: 

N’Golo Kante is not just a player but a phenomenon. After having that elite season of magic with Leicester City, he moved to Chelsea and since then has changed his fortunes. He is one of the hardest workers on the pitch and covers the maximum ground. It’s his mentality that keeps him going. He is on the list of top defensive midfielders. He covers the ground in very little time. N’Golo’s interceptions are key. He is the one who brings the ball back. 

Jules Kounde: 

Jules Kounde FIFA World Cup 2022

This French defender is one of the most in-demand players. He chose Barcelona over Chelsea. He is very good at what he does. His ideal position is to play right back. He is a machine in that position. He covers the ground like no other player. Jules makes runs along with the wingers and falls back at an equal pace to retrieve the ball. Kounde and his love for the game can be seen in the commitment that he makes while playing. His duels are never half-hearted.  

Karim Benzema will play at the FIFA World Cup 2022: 

Karim Benzema FIFA World Cup 2022
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Making his comeback to the national team is Karim Benzema. His performances for Real Madrid in the last season and the UCL games, in general, prove that he is a “big-match player”. He happens to be at par with Mbappe. France can look to play the 4-4-2 combination with Mbappe and Benzema up front. Karim is precise with his shots. He can make the ball for Kylian. He will have to play with Pogba and his wingback. Karim can be used by the French team in high-pressure games where experience matters the most.  

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