FIFA World Cup 2022
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The FIFA World Cup 2022 will get underway in just a month and a half. That said, all the national teams and their managers will be looking to settle the team down. Team Argentina is definitely a team that will offer strong contenders for the title. Over the year Argentina has seen many elite players. The list begins with the name of Diego Maradona, and Alfredo de Stefana, and it goes up to Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria. So, who are the top 5 most crucial players for the Argentina Team at the FIFA World Cup 2022: 

Lionel Messi will play at the FIFA World Cup 2022: 

FIFA World Cup 2022

Lionel Messi will have his “last dance” at the FIFA World Cup 2022 along with many other legendary players like Sergio Ramos, Cristiano Ronaldo, and his very own teammate Angel Di Maria. Messi will try his best to have the most elite crown of “World Champion” in his book of records. And for that, he has to be elite on the field. If Messi wants, he can single-handedly take down the opposition defense. Age wouldn’t be a problem for the “little-man” as he is fit as a fiddle. And all of us are more than aware of the abilities of this GOAT. 

Angel Di Maria will play at the FIFA World Cup 2022: 

FIFA World Cup 2022
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One of the most underrated stars in world football is Angel Di Maria. Di Maria is one of the best “big-match” players that you will come across. He can impress with sheer skill and pace. He is also aging like fine wine. Maria will be more than an asset on the wings. Over the last two world cups, Di Maria has been an integral part of the setup of the Argentine team so he also holds a lot of experience.  

Lisandro Martinez will play at the FIFA World Cup 2022: 

FIFA World Cup 2022
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Lisandro Martinez has to fill the void of Javier Mascherano. Now those are big shoes to fill. Just like Mascherano he has also started playing for Manchester United. His recent performances for the red devils have gotten fans to compare him to the Irish legend Roy Keane. The entire back line depends on this young man. 

Lautaro Martinez: 

From a center back to a striker, we come to another Martinez. Lautaro Martinez is one of the hottest strikers on the footballing circuit. He is currently making the Italian defenders dance to his tunes in the Serie A while playing for Inter Milan. Inter Milan has transformed this player into a goal-scoring beast. He has learned a trick or two from the books of Romelu Lukaku.  

Giovani Lo Celso: 

Lo Celso currently plays for Villareal in the La Liga, the Spanish League. He will join hands with Paulo Dybala in the mid-field. With Dybala not being in his prime Lo Celso has to deliver. And he has to ensure that he keeps the center engaged. One moment of laps in this section of the field and Argentina will be under immense pressure. He has seen the best of clubs across the globe as he has previously been a part of PSG and Tottenham. 

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