What You Should Know About Online Betting in India

For quite some time, online betting has been gaining significant popularity in the Indian industry. The fundamental reason for this is how internet gambling is promoted to the general population. Brands are enlisting the help of popular sports personalities and other athletic legends to promote their products. As a result, it is reasonable to state that internet betting in India is legal, however, there are several areas where a gray area exists.

And though there are some catches in playing in online casinos and online sportsbooks, reviews of 10CRIC, Betway, Dafabet and more India betting sites have only made online gambling more popular in the country. But how legal is it, and what is the future of this sector?

How “legal” is betting in India?

All types of gambling are prohibited in India by the Public Gambling Act of 1867. This means that you cannot place bets on your favorite cricket matches, at least not locally and directly. You’ll frequently read in the news about the newest group involved in cricket betting being busted. To make matters more complicated, the law distinguishes between games of skill and games of chance. Punters in India can put bets on sports of skill, but cricket is not one of them. This begs the issue of why lotteries and horse racing betting are legal in the nation.

As you can see, it is not quite apparent why certain games are permitted for gambling and others are not. So, the second issue is if there are any regions within India where further gaming exclusions have been established.

Sikkim, a state in northeastern India, is quite favorable to the legalization of internet gambling. The state built its first casino in 2009 and has several state-run lotteries. If you travel to Goa, you will discover the seas teeming with luxury cruise ships that double as floating casinos. So, even within the nation, if you travel to Goa, you will be allowed to play your favorite casino games at the aforementioned casinos.

How about online betting in India?

In India, online gambling is legal. So far, there are no federal regulations prohibiting internet gambling in the country. Each state can determine whether or not to enact legislation governing internet gambling. To date, only a few Indian states have passed legislation prohibiting internet gambling. In India, the legal position regarding the use of internet betting services is rather murky. The Public Gaming Act of 1867 includes no mention of internet gambling. Instead, the Indian