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T20 World Cup 2024

T20 World Cup 2024: Standings & All Scenarios and Each Team Path to the Second Round: With all teams having made a blistering start to the shorter 20-over format in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 tournament.

The ICC Men’s T20I World Cup has already delivered results in many ways – including rising stars, big players, blockbuster matches, super overs, and wild upsets. So as we countdown to another dynamic dose of T20I action, let’s take stock and assess where each team stands.

T20 World Cup standings: Let’s take a look at each group and determine which teams are almost through to the second round, as well as which teams still have a lot of work to do.

Group A


India (4 pts | 1.455 NRR)

T20 World Cup 2024
T20 World Cup 2024

With two wins from two starts and the top net run rate, India looks set to make it to the second round. A positive result against either the USA or Canada would seal the deal for the tournament heavyweights.

 USA (4 pts | 0.626 NRR)

What a story so far for the USA. After an impeccable start, the hosts will probably need just one more win to advance. India will play in New York on June 12 and then Ireland in Florida, which promises to be a major blockbuster match for both competitors.

 Pakistan (2 pts | +0.191 NRR)

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For every exciting and frustrating winner, there is also a loser who has to suffer the consequences – and that was Pakistan’s reality at the start of the tournament. With two losses to start their campaign, the Asian powerhouse bounced back with a win over Canada on Tuesday, but now they will have to beat Ireland as well and hope that either India or the USA lose.

Canada (2 pts | –0.493 NRR)

Canada bounced back from the USA with a 12-run win over Ireland in the tournament opener and remains firmly in the race. But a loss to Pakistan on Tuesday means Canada now needs to do something extraordinary to reach the Super 8 stage – win over India and win by a big margin to boost their net run rate.

Ireland (0 pts | –1.712 NRR)

It’s almost game over for Ireland now, they need to beat the USA and Pakistan, as well as hope other results go in their favour.

Group B


Scotland (5 pts | 2.164 NRR)

The Scottish team leads Group B following victories against Namibia and Oman, while the match against Great Britain ended in a stalemate in Barbados. Although they could have already done enough to advance, a victory over Australia on June 15 would indicate otherwise. Namibia and England are not expected to be in the running if the Australians win that game.

Australia (4 pts | 1.875 NRR)

The Aussies have won two out of two and are looking strong, mainly due to their big win over England. One more win and they could comfortably advance to the second round.

Namibia (2 pts | -0.309 NRR)

Despite inconsistent results so far, Namibia is still in Group B. However, things get even tougher from here, as Australia and England are their opponents. The African team would have turned these matches around in their favour soon after the draw and now they are certainly in the lead.

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England (1 pts | –1.800 NRR)

Stuck in fourth place with just one point so far, England face a tough spot in Group B. They will have to win against Oman and Namibia as a minimum requirement and then pray that other results go a certain way. The most likely path for England is to somehow regain their -1.800 net run rate and hope that other results, especially the Australia-Scotland match, go in their favour.

 Oman (0 pts | –1.613 NRR)

Oman has already lost three matches and might not make it to the next stage. However, they have played some impressive cricket, including beating Australia, and their efforts should buoy them going forward.

Group C

2West Indies220043.574
5New Zealand10100-4.200

Less cricket has been played in Groups C and D so far, which means there’s still a lot to be played. But here’s everything explained.

Afghanistan (4 pts | 5.225 NRR)

Afghanistan made a big statement against New Zealand, declaring themselves as genuine contenders for the tournament. They have won two out of two matches and have a higher net run rate than every other team in their group. Afghanistan has one step to go to make the next stage, but a win over PNG or hosts West Indies will ensure that.

West Indies (4 pts | 3.574 NRR)

West Indies have performed strongly so far, beating both Papua New Guinea and Uganda. But they need to beat either New Zealand or Afghanistan to progress – their next match is against the Black Caps in Trinidad and Tobago on June 12.

Uganda (2 pts | -4.217 NRR)

Uganda has recorded its first win in the T20 World Cup, signalling a successful campaign. With one win from three matches, their chances of progressing are slim – they will have to beat New Zealand by a big margin and hope everything else goes well.

Papua New Guinea (0 pts | –0.434 NRR)

Having lost their crucial match with Uganda, PNG are unlikely to make it out of the group stage. They will have to face Afghanistan and New Zealand, who will try to intervene and learn some lessons in the process.

New Zealand (0 pts | –4.200 NRR)

The Kiwis have played just one match so far and they will want to put it behind them as soon as possible. A heavy defeat to Afghanistan could prove costly, unless they top the table and win three matches each against West Indies, Uganda and Papua New Guinea, which is certainly not impossible. New Zealand’s blockbuster match with the Windies will now depend on how things progress in Group C.

Group D

1South Africa330060.603
5Sri Lanka30201-0.777

South Africa (6 pts | 0.603 NRR)

The Proteas got off to a great start by taking a crucial wicket of Sri Lanka, then beat the Netherlands in a close encounter. With another close victory over Bangladesh thanks to their outstanding bowling attack, South Africa is now just one win away from qualification.

Bangladesh (2 pts | 0.075 NRR)

The Tigers started Group D with a close win over Sri Lanka and moved to second place. They missed a golden opportunity in a thrilling encounter against South Africa in New York, but they are still in a good position to qualify. Considering that Sri Lanka has already lost two matches, Bangladesh need to beat main qualification rivals Netherlands in their next match – even a win over Nepal in their final match could be enough to make it to the NRR.

Netherlands (2 pts | 0.024 NRR)

At one of two, the Dutch will definitely have to beat Bangladesh and then most likely beat Nepal as well. It will be tough, but the way is still open for the Netherlands to reach the next round.

Nepal (0 pts | –0.539 NRR)

The loss to the Netherlands has made life difficult for them, but Nepal still has three matches left, so anything is possible. But given the way it is progressing in Group D, they will probably have to win all the matches – an extremely difficult task, as they will start as underdogs in all.

Sri Lanka (0 pts | –0.777 NRR)

When there is willpower, there is always a way out. Prior to facing the rain in St. Vincent, Sri Lanka must first earn decisive victories over Nepal and the Netherlands. They also need to pray that the June 13 Bangladesh-Netherlands match ends in a draw. Not insurmountable?

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