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We all know that in world cricket, fans from all the provinces of the world keep their eyes on the television for the match between India and Pakistan to start the match.
The Indo Pak match is scheduled to take place on 23 October, with all the tickets for the one lakh plus capacity Melbourne stadium already sold out.
We all saw that India, New Zealand warm-up match was called off due to rain without a single ball being bowled.
How will the points be distributed if there is a chance of rain during the match between India and Pakistan? Should this match be shifted due to rain?.

IND vs PAK, T20 Super 12 Match: The T20 World Cup stage has been decked out, and the Super-12 round will begin on 23 October 2022. On 23 October, there will be a great clash between India and Pakistan in the Super-12 round in Melbourne.

There is constant rhetoric about the match between India and Pakistan.

Interesting International Cricket Match of T20 Format The World Cup 2022 season.

There are still a few more days left in this great match. But there is a constant rhetoric of different types about this confrontation.
In which the reaction is also being seen from Pakistan side, then the legends of India are also not missing to publish their predictions regarding the match.
When two teams play against each other, there is a conflict between the batsman and the bowler.

There will be a match between India’s batsmen and Pakistan’s bowlers. Arch rival Pakistan is giving tremendous and dangerous buildup.
Young sensation Shaheen Shah Afridi is the most eye among Pakistan’s fast bowlers, along with Naseem Shah is also considered very dangerous.

Cricket experts are constantly telling Indian batsmen to be careful with these two bowlers.
But the Indian batsman is also at his peak, but Virat Show and Rahul & Rohit’s long shots will be seen in the field.


The forecast from AccuWeather indicates that there is a chance of 70 to 80 percent rain in Melbourne on October 23.

Rain is predicted for both the morning and evening, according to the Melbourne Meteorological Department. Since there is no reserve day if the game is postponed due to weather, both teams will receive the same number of points.

HOW POINTS DISTRIBUTED: Both teams will receive one point if the rain does not cease and the game cannot be played. The first round and Super-12 do not have a reserve day, thanks to the ICC.

In this case, both teams will receive one point if the game is washed. The overs can be decreased if it rains for a while. There can be at least five-five overs played, but there is a time limit for it as well.

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