Indian Cricket Team

The Indian Cricket Team will be going in at the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 with one of the best squads. The team has the best of the best players in every position and also has like-to-like replacements for every player. However, there are positions in every team that just belong to a particular player. So, who are the 3 most crucial players for the Indian Cricket Team at the ICC T20 World Cup 2022: 

Rishabh Pant is an Important Player for the Indian Cricket Team: 

Indian Cricket Team
After making the Test format his very own, Rishabh needs to prove his worth in the T20s. IMG SRC: TOI

With Pant being the only left-handed batter who can bat in the top order, he is likely to be picked ahead of Dinesh Karthik. Pant will be batting at the crucial number 4 position. The thing with Pant is that on his day, he will bat and bat and bat. He will make sure that the opposition regrets getting the first two wickets. Pant will flip games in the favor of India within a few overs. He scares the opposition by the mere presence on the pitch. The dominance of Pant on the pitch cannot be replaced. 

Hardik Pandya is an Important Player for the Indian Cricket Team: 

Indian Cricket Team
Hardik’s captaincy stint with Gujarat has made him a better player. IMG SRC: NDTV Sports

Hardik Pandya is one of the most crucial players in India’s success. The Indian cricketing circuit doesn’t have a player of that standard. We tried to replace Hardik with options like Vijay Shankar and Shivam Dube but failed miserably. Hardik is a crucial component as he brings balance to the side. With him bowling precisely and bowling over 135 clicks, he becomes more than an asset. He will then be a bank of 2 overs at least. 

Rohit Sharma: 

Indian Cricket Team
IMG SRC: The Indian Express

Rohit Sharma has to get back to form. He is someone who can take the game away in the first 6 overs. An opener is the only player who bats proactively in the game and is not expected to react to a situation. Hence Rohit needs to bat freely and needs to bat deep. He can get those 40 runs of 23-24 balls but what helps the team more is Rohit batting deep as in that case you always have a reliable batter on the pitch.  

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