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The latest reports from one of the most reliable sources in India is that there might be a change in leadership for India in the limited-overs formats of cricket. Rohit Sharma the current deputy captain is set to step in as the skipper for the white-ball format. This decision comes as a consequence of the fact that Virat Kohli the current captain has decided to step down as he intends to focus on his role as a batsman.

Virat Kohli steps down as captain: –

Rohit supposedly will take on at least the T20Is captaincy as his track record in the IPL in this particular format has been supreme. However, this development has come as a surprise as Virat Kohli undoubtedly has been the best captain statistically that India has ever witnessed. Virat has been the skipper for a total of 95 ODIs. Of the 95 ODIs India has ended on the winning side in 65 games while losing 27. This amounts to a whopping 70+ percent of success as the leader. This certainly shows his merit as a captain. Rohit on the other hand has captained India in 10 T20Is in absence of Virat and has secured a victory in 8 of the games. But these games were mostly against second-string teams. However, Rohit’s abilities as a captain are in full shine in the IPL.

Rohit Sharma to become captain: –

Here’s a look at Rohit’s captaincy record!!

Rohit under his captaincy has taken the World’s best franchise, Mumbai Indians to a total of 5 IPL titles and 2 Champions League Titles.

This is what the source had to say when enquired about why this move has been decided, “Virat himself will make the announcement. He is of the view that he needs to concentrate on his batting and go back to becoming what he’s always been — the best batsman in the world. It will wrap up a historic Test cycle from an Indian perspective. Virat is also the first to realize that his overall responsibilities as captain across formats are taking a toll on his batting. He needs that space and freshness because he has a lot more to offer. If Rohit takes over as white ball captain, Virat can continue leading India’s red-ball aspirations and work on his T20 and One-day batting. He’s just 32 and given his fitness, he will easily play top cricket for another five to six years at least”