Prithvi Shaw found himself in hot water once again. The Bhojpuri actress and social media influencer who tried to harm Prithvi has in turn filed an application at the “Airport Police Station” seeking the registration of an FIR against Prithvi Shaw. There are several accusations made in the application. Prithvi is yet to make a statement or release an official statement for the media, but this incident has certainly tarnished his name. Here is an in-depth look at the same: 

Prithvi Shaw Incident: Sapna Gill Files Application: 

Prithvi Shaw
The accusation has tarnished Prithvi Shaw’s public image. IMG SRC: BCCI.

Post getting her bail after the arrest last week, Sapna Gill has filed an application against Prithvi Shaw in turn. She has made several accusations in that application. The application that was given to the Airport Police seeks an FIR against Prithvi Shaw under several laws of the Indian Penal Code. The following IPCs were mentioned in the application: 

  • Indian Penal Code sections 354 (outraging modesty) 
  • Indian Penal Code 509 (gesture to outrage modesty) 
  • Indian Penal Code 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) 

There are many other IPCs suggesting that Prithvi was drunk and assaulted Sapna Gill and her friend Shobhit Thakur. Sapna Gill also did an interview with a TV media outlet and accused Prithvi of attacking her on her personal parts. She even went on to claim that she did not know who Prithvi Shaw was and said that Prithvi’s attitude is not right. The truth shall prevail and if this is a truthful or a false accusation, the criminal needs to be punished.  

Sapna Gill Arrest and Bail: 

Prithvi Shaw
Prithvi Shaw’s video surfaced on Twitter last week. IMG SRC: India TV News.

Earlier this week the Oshiwara Police Station arrested 8 people along with Sapna Gill in the case related to Prithvi Shaw. These 8 people were charged with the following accusations when Prithvi Shaw’s friend Ashish Yadav filed an FIR at the Oshiwara Police Station on that evening itself: 

  • Rioting. 
  • Assault. 
  • Putting a person in fear of death or grievous hurt to commit extortion. 
  • Criminal intimidation. 

The incident as reported by the Oshiwara Police Station says that the altercations began when Sapna Gill and her friends asked for a selfie from Prithvi Shaw. Shaw and his friends denied and in turn, the fans got outraged. They were waiting for Prithvi outside the café in South Mumbai and chased down one of the vehicles in which he was supposed to be.  

But considering the threat, he was sent in another vehicle. Shobhit Thakur, Sapna Gill’s friend along with another group of 6 people further went on to assault the car that they chased and broke the windshield with baseball bats.  

With all of this being reported, Sapna Gill said, “I believe in the judicial system and the truth shall prevail.” 

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