Pravin Tambe

Kaun Pravin Tambe? A movie that was released on Disney+Hotstar a few days back. This movie has taken the entire cricket community by rage. All the cricket fans are very impressed by the story of the oldest player to ever play in the IPL and it is a story that has inspired a million people to keep following their dream irrespective of their age. So, how has their life of Pravin been and what is so inspiring about his story? Here is an in-depth look: 

Pravin Tambe Started as a Medium Pace Bowler in 1995: 

Pravin Tambe started his cricketing career as a medium pace bowler. Tambe was a very big name in the 1990s in the local Mumbai tournaments and especially in the Times Shield. Pravin played for Orient Shipping. The story behind him starting is very funny. The Orient Shipping team was short of a medium pace bowler in a must-win game for the team. Pravin Tambe stayed in the same locality as the captain of Orient Shipping and they asked Pravin to step in. So, without a job in Orient Shipping, Pravin was playing for them in a must-win game. He eventually went on to pick 3 wickets and score crucial runs to seal the deal.  

But the opposition team was aware of Pravin and objected by saying that an outsider was playing. But Jameel Sir, the coach of Orient Shipping already had prepared a fake appointment letter for Pravin. Before the opposition could object, Jameel presented their appointment letter of Pravin. Pravin’s game got him his very first job. Shreyas Talpade who has played Pravin Tambe in the movie has done an exceptional job.  

Tambe and Hardship he Faced in his Life: 

Pravin never had a very easy life. He lived in the chawls of Mumbai. He belonged to a traditional Marathi Family. Tambe had an elder brother. In these tough times, his family was always supportive of his sport. His mother at times scolded him for not picking up a proper academic career but his father never stopped him from embracing whatever he wanted. Tambe was at the peak of his career when his name appeared in the Ranji Trophy probably in the year 2000 and 2002 but he was never drafted to the main squad.  

After facing rejection his next fallback was when he faced an accident and damaged his knee. Pravin remained out of action and job for 7 months. By the time Pravin retained his job, Orient Shipping had closed its cricket section and Pravin got laid off. He had to pick a job at a local diamond cutter and identifier. He dealt with the job for more than a year. Pravin was giving a fake assurance that a cricket team would be made, but the company never executed the promise.  

Later Tambe was determined to play for at least Mumbai and left everything to play cricket during the day. He opted for the job of a waiter in a nightclub to make ends meet. From losing everything to getting a job at the DY Patil Sports Academy in 2010, Tambe’s life had come to a full circle. He worked as a construction supervisor there. His senior at Orient and India’s pace bowler Abbey Kuruvilla was his manager. Tambe played as a leg spinner for DY Patil academy.  

Pravin Tambe and His Selection for the Rajasthan Royals: 

IPL 2013 saw the emergence of Pravin Tambe. The Rajasthan Royals team was looking for a leg spinner. The year 2013 was just the beginning of the leg-spinning era in world cricket. Rahul Dravid saw a few videos of the DY Patil Cricket tournament and a 40-year-old Pravin Tambe got scouted. Pravin Tambe was at work during the daytime when Abbey Kuruvilla called him to his room. A scared Tambe went to Abbey’s room and his surprise, Rahul Dravid was on call waiting to have a word with Pravin. He asked Pravin if he would like to play the IPL. A delighted Tambe agreed immediately.  

Tambe’s Family and Their Contributions: 

Pravin’s family has an unmatched contribution to his success. Pravin never played international cricket but his story is enough to inspire people to keep hustling. His mother always wanted Pravin to take up a common 9 to 5 well-paying job but Pravin was adamant about working for a company that plays cricket. Pravin’s brother was a constant support system. He was paying for his expenses. His brother is an engineer working in the Netherlands and he always had Pravin’s back. The same applies to his wife who was happy even when Pravin couldn’t give her the best in the world.  

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