Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes is undoubtedly the most loved cricketer in world cricket. Stokes and his comeback story are something that every person can take inspiration from. Ben Stokes has seen the crests and the troughs of life. The story of Ben Stokes, from being Ben Stokes to being Sir Benjamin Stokes is exciting, amazing, and most importantly magical. It’s a fairy tale. From getting smashed by Carlos Braithwaite to being the hero in the Headingly test his life has come a long way. Here is a look at his life: 

Ben Stokes Family:

Ben Stoke’s father was Gerard Stokes also known as Ged Stokes. He traveled from New Zealand to England for better opportunities. Ben Stokes has a New Zealand origin. His mother is Deb Stokes. Ben Stokes’ wife is Clare Ratcliffe. They got married in 2017. Ben Stokes and Clare Ratcliffe are blessed with two kids Layton Stokes and Libby Stokes.

Ben Stokes Court Case: 

The first shock or crest so to put it, that Ben Stokes faced in his life was an arrest by the police for a brawl outside a bar in Bristol, England. The arrest of Ben Stokes was done on the 25th of September. The arrest was made because Ben Stokes was the aggressor in the hand-to-hand fight with two other men.  

Ben Stokes had been through a lot during his court case, however, the results were in his favor.

What happened is as follows. Ben Stokes was defending a gay couple from the homophobic slurs and chants of two men. The two men also tried to attack the gay couple. The couple was William O’Connor and Kai Barry. Barry and O’Connor both came to the defense of Ben Stokes. Both of the men gave several media outlets exact details of how Ben Stokes attacked the men in self-defense.  

Ben Stokes and his lawyer, Paul Lunt were present in the court on 14th August 2018. The court consisted of 12 jury members. They were 6 men and 6 women honorable justices. The decision came in favor of Ben Stokes. The videos circulated were used as evidence and proved Ben Stokes was innocent.  

Ben Stokes 2016 T20 World Cup: 

Ben Stokes had one of his worst life experiences in the final of the 2016 T20 World Cup in India. This event just shows that as one country celebrates its victory, the other is depleted by sorrow. The final of the T20 World Cup 2016 was an eventful game.  

Video Credits: ICC YouTube Channel.

The drama happened in the 20th Over. Ben Stokes was bowling for England defending 19 runs off 6 balls. The game was in favor of England. What happened next was unthinkable. Carlos Brathwaite slammed 4 consecutive sixes to win the T20 World Cup 2016 for the West Indies with 2 balls to spare.  

Ben Stokes was left disheartened as Ian Bishop’s voice filled the air. Carlos Brathwaite, Carlos Brathwaite! Remember the Name! It is said that Ben Stokes suffered from depression for the next few weeks. His career, as reported by several media outlets was in jeopardy. 

Ben Stokes 2019 ODI World Cup: 

The 2019 World Cup just shows how the life of an individual can swing. Ben Stokes who was playing to save his career in 2016 became the hero for England in 2019. One can never forget the memorable catch of Andile Phelukwayo. Nasser Hussain on air went, “NO WAY NO WAY, YOU CANNOT DO THAT, BEN STOKES!”. 

The 2019 World Cup Final made Stokes an absolute legend. His innings under pressure were pure class. And England won the World Cup 2019 in what fashion! By the barest of margins, by the barest of all margins.  

Ben Stokes Ashes 2019 Headingly Test Match: 

The Headingly Test Match performance of Ben Stokes always gives nightmares to the Aussies. The inning was the epitome of excellence. Ben Stokes scored 75 of the 76-run partnership for the 10th Wicket. Stokes scored an unbeaten 135 to take England home.  

Video Credits: ECB YouTube Channel.

To conclude I would say that “It is not over until it’s over!”. Ben Stokes and his story inspire us to be the best even in the worst of situations. It inspires us to work hard and let our skills and work do the taking. Ben Stokes inspires us to be the best.

Ben Stokes Net Worth:

Ben Stokes has a worth of about 75 Crore Indian Rupees. Stokes is being paid about 8 crores per year by the England Cricket Board. He also has lucrative contracts in IPL and the BBL. He played for Rajasthan Royals and Rising Pune Supergiants in the IPL.