IPL 2023:Bookmakers hope to gain a staggering sum of money, Rs 3,500 crore will be wagered on each game as 18 betting and 60 bookmaker applications are placed under police oversight.

IPL 2023
IPL 2023

IPL 2023: This season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), featuring the reigning champion Gujarat Titans (GT), is about to commence. On March 31 at Ahmedabad’s prestigious Narendra Modi Stadium, the reigning champion Gujarat Titans (GT) will take on Chennai Super Kings to kick off the 16th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Bookmakers and match fixers are getting ready to earn at least Rs 600 crore daily in profits with the largest cricket carnival just a day away. Several Indian cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, and Hyderabad, have already started accepting bets from bookmakers with connections to international betting cartels based in Dubai and Karachi.


They have given gamblers code codes to use while placing bets. With the arrest of alleged high-profile bookmaker and hawala operator Anil Jaisinghani for allegedly blackmailing Amruta, wife of Mumbai’s deputy chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, who oversees the home department, the multi-million dollar betting ring has acquired a new dimension.

In advance of the 2023 IPL, Mumbai Police discovers a network of bookmakers.The Mumbai Police Crime Branch has uncovered a network of 60 bookmakers and 18 cricket betting apps run by bettors who take bets on IPL games. An interstate online betting network was discovered by the Mumbai police’s Anti Extortion Cell (AEC) during raids at the Dadar hotel last November, during the England vs. Pakistan T20 World Cup final match.

Five bookies were detained as a result of this, and 18 internet betting apps were revealed.

Six bookmakers—Anthony Dias, Imran Khan, Dharmesh Shivdasani, Dharmesh Vora, and Gaurav Shivdasani—were detained; they provided information on a network of 60 bookmakers operating in Mumbai and the Thane region, in addition to a Dubai-based international cricket betting syndicate.

The revenue from IPL cricket wagering exceeds the state budget for Maharashtra.With 74 matches between 10 participating teams and each side playing 14 league matches, each session of six, ten, and twenty overs in the IPL 2023 season 16 generates Rs 3,500 crore every match, boasts a former cricket administrator to FPJ about the tournament’s popularity in India.

The Mumbai Police have released a report on a network of cricket bookmakers that runs several well-known betting shops and online betting services. These bookmakers take bets on a variety of things, including the highest scores, boundaries, wickets, and even the individual player performances of each IPL team.

D Company used threats to get the different members of the cricket betting syndicate to comply with their orders as they sent the betting prices from Pakistan to Dubai, then to India and other markets.
betting market in India.


In addition to Manoj Metro, Vishal Chembur, Shrayansh, Yogi Thana, Shehnaz Ghatkopar, Mehul CP Tank, Dhaval Lalbaugh, Sonu Jalan, Pravin Bhera, Laxmichand Thana, Mahadev, Ketan A to Z, Justin Goregaon, and Nikunj, the police have also implicated a number of other well-known bookmakers. In order to avoid being seen, they have all engaged 30 agents to accept wagers online.

Among the popular mobile betting apps and websites that the police and intelligence agencies monitor are Bet Bhai Book, Bet Exchange, Matrix, Diamond, and Bet999. They are all available 24/7 to answer WhatsApp questions. India’s gambling industry is valued more than $130 billion, according to the International Centre for Sports Security.

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