BCCI: domestic season schedule
BCCI: domestic season schedule

Hello, Cricket Fans! The exciting journey of the ICC T20 World Cup is coming to an end now. In this match played between India and England at the Adelaide Oval, both teams represented their countries and gave their all on this stage, but in this second semi-final round, England defeated India by 10 wickets and reached the final.

Pakistan and England will face each other at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in the final of the World Cup on 13 November.

As we saw, the Indian team lost the match badly to England today. How much will the Indian team get after losing in the semi-finals, and how much will the other teams who have been eliminated from the tournament from the group stage to the Super 12 know they will get?

How much India will get after losing the semi final in the world cup 2022

₹ 3.2 crores.

ICC T20 World Cup 2022 Price in INR₹

StageUnitPer Team PrizeTotal Prize
Winners1₹ 13,17,76,000₹ 13,17,76,000
Runners-Up1₹ 6,58,88,000₹ 6,58,88,000
Losing Semi-finalists2₹ 3,29,44,000₹ 6,58,88,000
Super 12 Wins30₹ 32,94,400₹ 9,88,32,000
Super 12 Exit8₹ 57,65,200₹ 4,61,21,600
First Round Win12₹ 32,94,400₹ 3,95,32,800
First Round Exit4₹ 32,94,400₹ 1,31,77,600
Total  ₹ 46,12,16,000

ICC T20 World Cup 2022 Price in USD$