WWE Wrestlemania 38: After her match against Doudrop in WWE Royal Rumble 2022 and the outcome of the Royal Rumble women’s match.

Becky Lynch was attentive to the winner and was very happy that Ronda Rousey has returned to the company. Lynch successfully defended the RAW Women’s Championship.

“Welcome, Ronda,” Lynch stated in an interview with Sports Illustrated. “I know how hard it is to come back as a new mom, I think it’s fantastic that she’s back . And she has a lot to avenge. I’m still holding on to that championship she gave me three years ago.”

Ronda Rousey Wins Royal Rumble 2022

“Since then, I’ve been gone, had a kid, come back better than ever, and defended my belt left and right. If I were her and I was going to dive again (wrestle again), I wouldn’t go for the main course. I would start with an appetizer, like a shrimp cocktail, before going for the steak with potatoes. But if she wants to test herself with me, no problem. I welcome her with open arms , “Becky commented on a possible confrontation with Ronda.

However, Rousey did not choose Lynch as her rival for WrestleMania 38, since when the news came out that she will be part of the Friday Night SmackDown roster.

The former UFC champion would bet on being crowned as the new SmackDown women’s monarch if she manages to defeat Charlotte Flair.