Lesnar confronts Reigns
Roman Reigns was seen with a fear in his eyes after Brock came in!!

WWE SummerSlam ended on a very interesting note. Brock Lesnar, “The Beast” has made a comeback and stunned all WWE fans. Looks like the franchise has gone back to all their legends to bring back their falling glory. Now, the circuit features several WWE legends. Legends, with a legacy! And Brock’s comeback has brought in the excitement of a lifetime. On the other hand, SummerSlam 2021 bought in several results. Roman Reigns defended his title successfully against John, Becky defeated Bianca to win the women’s title! Here’s a roundup: – 

Bobby Lashley defeats Goldberg via TKO: – 

Lashley defeated Goldberg via a TKO after the senior athlete failed to compete after injuring his knee. His left knee was damaged during the game and Bobby Lashley made full use of this! 

Charlotte Flair def. Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley to win the title: – 

Charlotte Flair claimed a victory in the triple threat game and won the WWE RAW Women’s Title!!!

Charlotte Flair, “The Glamazon” defeated Nikki ASH and Rhea Ripley to win her WWE Raw Women’s title. She pulled off her signature, Figure 8 on Nikki ASH in the middle of the ring to secure this victory. Further Charlotte flaunted her title and continued her father Ric’s legacy! 

Edge defeated Seth Rollins via submission: – 

The best game of the evening was put forth by Edge and Seth Rollins. Both the opponents went cutthroat against each other. Their efforts for winning the game were spot on and noteworthy. Edge flaunted all of his moves. Edge-a-cartor, Edge-o-Matic, and Edge-a-caution were all on show. Edge made sure that her wife and match referee got to see his best performance.  Edge won via making across the face as Rollins submitted. 

John Cena was taken to “Suplex City” by Brock Lesnar: – 

Some WWE fans booed Lesnar’s action as they said that Brock personally hates Cena!!

The main event of this PPV was the most awaited one. Roman Reigns took on John Cena who was making a comeback. The WWE fans were waiting to see Cena and his in-ring performance. The fight was a treat to witness. Both the wrestlers fought their hearts out! Cena was looking his best and so was Reigns. But in the end, it was Reigns who won the match. It took the “Tribal Chief” a series of Superman Punches and one bullet like Spear to finally bring Cena to the mat. And 1,2,3!! Reigns win!! 

His match ended and Brock Lesnar’s theme song began to play!! Reigns were shocked to witness Lesnar. His eyes showed fear. He calmly left the ring and Lesnar stepped in. As Lesnar came in, Cena was on the mat. Lesnar seized this opportunity to tell the WWE Universe that “The Beast” is back!! He took John Cena to “Suplex City”! Suplex after Suplex after Suplex!!! Lesnar wouldn’t stop!! 

He is expected to face Reigns at the next PPV!!