The athletes presents some of the best athletes of all time in the steel cage.

The steel cage matches always add an extra edge to the WWE circuit. Two men fighting inside a cage and trying their best to escape it is one experience for the audience. The Steel Cages getting broken, being torn apart and matches getting interrupted is part and parcel of this match. But the way to win the match is simple, either you make your opponent submit the match or you escape the cage. The main thing is whosoever touches the outside ground first wins the match. Over the years we have seen some great Steel Cage matches in WWE. Here’s a look: – 

5) Triple H VS Brock Lesnar 2013 Extreme Rules: – 

Extreme Rules is one pay-per-view where you get to witness some of the most distinctive matches. One such match was between Triple H and Brock Lesnar, the Steel Cage match. Both the experienced performers put up a great show for the audience. Paul Heyman as usual tried to interrupt and got Pedigreed! Triple H constantly hit on one of Brock’s injured legs. In the end, the match was won by Brock Lesnar by pulling off a one-legged F5. He slammed Hunter’s face in the mat! 

4) Edge VS Matt Hardy 2009 No Way Out: – 

The Hardy Boys and their high-flying moves had to feature in the list of WWE’s most extreme. This was the main event of the evening. The personal grudge of both these superstars was seen in the ring. They went at each other. Banging each other with the MITB briefcase. Lita tried to get involved and got a Twist of Faith. Matt Hardy won this match by launching a flying elbow! Most of the WWE Universe regards this as Matt Hardy’s greatest performance of all time. 

3) Triple H VS Stone Cold Steve Austin 2001 No Way Out: – 

You talk about a No Way Out pay per view and it has always had an iconic steel cage match. Triple H hated Steve Austin and so did Austin! This was seen in the ring that evening. This was the 3rd Match of the 3 stages of Hell format. Austin won the first fall while Triple H won the second Street Fight. Everything had narrowed down to this match. Both the athletes were a bloody mess by the end. This is one of WWE’s most iconic feuds and iconic matches as well. Triple H won the match via pinfall. 

2) Kurt Angle VS Chris Benoit 2001 Raw Main Event: – 

One of the most cherished matches in WWE is this Steel Cage match. It was not in any of the pay-per-view but just the main event at Monday Night Raw. The moves in this match were exemplary. Like every other Chris Benoit match, it had Chris and his high-flying skills on show. Stone Cold Steve Austin interfered and helped Kurt Angle escaped. One of the most astonishing moments in this match was when Chris jumped on Kurt Angle from the top of the cage! 

1) Bret Hart VS Owen Hart 1994 SummerSlam: – 

This match was way before the PG Era of the WWE. Bret and Owen Hart feud were one of the best feuds of that time. Although the main event of the night saw the absurd Undertaker VS Undertaker match, this match was a highlight. Although it wasn’t a blood bath the athletes were supremely passionate about the match. They beat out each other! Bret won the match and ended this everlasting feud.