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Here is a look at the top WWE Royal Rumble Returns.

The Royal Rumble is one of the most anticipated events in WWE. Each year the WWE makes sure that their fans get to witness something out-of-the-box at this event. The surprises that the Royal Rumble brings with it are countless. Several superstars make their WWE comeback with the Royal Rumble match. There have been several amazing and memorable WWE Royal Rumble returns over the years. Here’s a look at the top WWE Royal Rumble returns: 

Chris Jericho 2013 Royal Rumble Return: 

Everyone was surprised when Chris Jericho’s theme track hit at Royal Rumble 2013. Jericho entered at Number 2. Chris Jericho had been out of action for over six months with a torn Achilles tendon. Jericho lasted in the match for 48 long minutes. He even eliminated two other superstars. Chord Breakers, Walls of Jericho, and the Lion Sault, all the moves were presented in full bloom in this comeback of the legend.  

Triple-H 2016 Royal Rumble Return: 

Triple-H in 2016 was an integral part of the managerial department of the WWE. So, even the worst of the nightmares, no WWE fan imagined the Game, Triple-H to make his return at Royal Rumble 2016. The match was a little different as it had Roman Reigns’ WWE Universal Title on the line along with the Main Event Match at WrestleMania. The heel phase of Roman Reigns had just begun. WWE Universe had started hating Reigns with the title over and over again. So, Hunter took matters into his own hands. Triple-H walked in the match at number 30 and ended up winning the Royal Rumble. 

Rey Mysterio 2018 Royal Rumble Return: 

Rey Mysterio and his return in Royal Rumble 2018 took everyone by surprise. Mysterio is the pioneer of high-flying moves and skills in the WWE. He was the first cruiserweight wrestler to ever win the prestigious WWE World Heavyweight Title. The crowd went nuts when at number 27 the titantron went “Buyaka Buyaka 619”! Rey Mysterio in the shape of his life made a comeback to where he belonged. He was eliminated by Finn Balor. 

Edge 2021 Royal Rumble Return: 

Every WWE fan dropped his jaw when he heard the music “You Think You Know me” at the entrance of the 2021 Royal Rumble. Edge and his 2021 Royal Rumble Return just had left everyone with an adrenaline rush. Edge eventually went on to win the Royal Rumble and main event WrestleMania.  

John Cena 2008 Royal Rumble Return: 

2008 saw the birth of the legend of John Cena. John Cena had been out of action due to injury and wasn’t expected to be back anytime soon. But at number 30 of the Royal Rumble in 2008, in walked John Cena. The in-ring superstars Triple-H, Batista, and others were shell-shocked. John Cena won the match and went on to become the face of the WWE for 4 to 5 years.