Triple H
Hunter has been a part of several amazing matches, heres a look

Triple H was the face of the WWE for a very long time in the early and mid-2000s. One can never ignore the kind of charisma, he and HBK, Shawn Michaels brought to the WWE for every 90s kid. Triple H is also one of the most decorated in-ring performers. He has got a hand on almost every championship. He along with HBK formed the formidable tag team of Degeneration X and he was also crowned King of the Ring. Hunter, as he is called by most of his colleagues, is loved by every WWE fan. Here is a look at the top 5 matches that Triple H ever has been a part of throughout his career: – 

Triple H VS The Rock 1998 SummerSlam Ladder Match: – 

The SummerSlam pay-per-view always has had iconic matches. The two of the biggest performers in the business squared off against each other in SummerSlam 1998, when The Rock took on Triple H in a ladder match. The match was for the Intercontinental Championship. Rock was on the verge to grab the title but Chyna interfered with a low blow to The Rock. Capitalizing on this Triple H went ahead and grabbed the title. This was one of the most physical battles featuring both these athletes. 

Triple H VS Shawn Michaels 2002 SummerSlam Unsanctioned Match: – 

Another SummerSlam main event and another iconic Triple H match. Triple H and Shawn Michaels were portrayed as best friends on screen but they also had best of the feuds. This match was one of a kind. Eric Bischoff on Raw announced that this match will be an unsanctioned street fight. This match featured the best of the moments. The trash can was taken out too! HHH won the match via pinfall. 

Triple H VS Stone-Cold Steve Austin 2001, No Way Out, 3 Stages of Hell Match: – 

Triple H seemed to have a personal rivalry with Stone Cold. These 3 stages of the hell match were again something that fans can never forget. The match was a total bloodshed brawl. Never seen before weapons like the barbed rod, steel chairs, and sledgehammers were pulled out. The match ended after a passed-out Game pinned Stone-Cold Steve Austin.  

Triple H VS The Rock 2000 Judgement Day Iron Man Match: – 

An unforeseen format with the best of athletes in the ring! This match was something that the WWE Universe will never forget. The physicality portrayed on the field was something never seen. Hunter and Dwayne wore down each other. HBK was the special referee. We also witnessed the Rock Pedigreeing Triple H on the announcer’s table. The match ended with The Undertaker interfering and handing a Tombstone over to The Game.  

Triple H VS Mick Foley 2000 Royal Rumble Hell in a Cell Match: – 

This match was the best of Triple H’s career. HHH was accompanied by Stephanie on his way to the ring. This match too was a blood bath. Both the wrestlers gave it all. The Intercontinental title was online and it was seen. The passion to entertain the fans was unmatched! They wrestled on top of the cell! Triple H was dominating the match until stretchers were bought out for both men.