John Cena
John Cena has been the strongest and the most loved performer in WWE.

John Cena is one of the greatest entertainers in the WWE. He has been an asset to the franchise ever since he made his debut in the year 2004. John Cena has been fighting the best of the wrestlers in some of the most terrific matches. John Cena is the face of the WWE Universe ever since he made his debut. He has had some of the best on-screen feuds and rivalries with the likes of Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and CM Punk. Here is a look at the top 10 matches of John Cena in the WWE: – 

10) John Cena VS Shawn Michaels WrestleMania 23: 

This match took place back in 2007 in the starting phase of John Cena’s career. He wasn’t a talk of the town back in the day but his game against Shawn Michaels was amazing to see. The match lasted supremely long for 28 to 29 minutes making this one of John Cena’s longest matches in his career. The rivalry went on for weeks over Raw before setting in a match for the greatest event of the year. John Cena went on to win the match as Shawn tapped out to his submission hold the STFU.  

9) John Cena VS CM Punk Night of Champions 2012: 

The rivalry between CM Punk and John Cena seemed like a never-ending one. CM Punk went on trash-talking to Cena for over a very long time. This match saw the WWE title on the line. The title that Cena had made with the Spinner Ronnie inside. The event was in Boston, the hometown of Cena, and Cena was expected to beat the hell out of Punk. But this was not the case. Punk and Cena wore down each other. Then went after each of them! Punk struck the GTS and Cena the AA! But as both of their shoulders were pinned down CM Punk kept the title.  

8) John Cena VS Randy Orton (I Quit Match) Breaking Point 2009:  

John Cena and his rivalry with Randy Orton had to feature on the list. Both of the athletes, later on, went to become the face of the WWE for a very long time. This match is one of the best of both the athletes’ careers. John Cena and Orton were jabbing, punching, and snapping at each other. They went on to fight for 25 minutes. One can never forget the event that Randy Orton RKOed John Cena on a chair. John Cena won the match as Randy said “I Quit!” because Cena was STFUing him with his metal chain.  

7)  Edge VS John Cena (Last Man Standing Match) Backlash 2009: 

John Cena seems to have the best of feuds with the top performers of the WWE. When John Cena was up against the Rated R Superstar, it was a match to cherish for a very long time. John the 16-Time Champion was coming in as the WWE Champion and Edge the Challenger. Edge went on to win the match as the Big Show interfered with the match. He chokes slammed John Cena through the spotlights and Edge grabbed his 3rd WWE title.  

6) John Cena VS Seth Rollins SummerSlam 2015:  

Seth Rollins after breaking up from the shield was made the face of the WWE for that period. He was the main event at WrestleMania while cashing in his Money in the Bank Contract. Rollins during the time had a feud with John Cena. John Cena and Seth Rollins squared off in a winner take all match at SummerSlam 2015. Cena was then the US Champion and Seth Rollins was the WWE Champion. The match ended with Seth Rollins winning with the help of Comedian Jon Stewart streaking and interfering with the match.  

5) John Cena VS Daniel Bryan SummerSlam 2013:  

Talk about SummerSlam and John Cena was the star in the early 2010s. He was a top performer during that time and so was Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan and his gimmick yelling “Yes”, “Yes” and “No”, “No” along with the audience had come off very well. The match was for the WWE Championship after Daniel Bryan had trash-talked to Cena for over several weeks on Raw. After a series of back and forths and punches, drops, and kicks the match was getting brutal. Daniel Bryan won his first WWE Championship after delivering his Running Knee finisher!  

4) John Cena VS AJ Styles SummerSlam 2016:  

Another SummerSlam and another John Cena Main Event! But with the kind of performances that John Cena and his opponents gave the audience never had enough of this rivalry. This time the opponent was AJ Styles. AJ had earned a big name for himself in the TNA circuit and walked into WWE with a reputation. His high-flying moves were in full bloom during that night. It was a 23-minute match that ended with AJ Styles winning.  

3) Brock Lesnar VS John Cena Extreme Rules 2012:  

Brock Lesnar has been a reliable commodity for the WWE in the recent past. He has been involved in several high-intensity matches. However, Brock Lesnar and John Cena had one of the best feuds. One can never forget the moment on RAW when the entire locker room had to be called out to separate the two athletes. Brock Lesnar and Cena were involved in a Street Fight at Extreme Rules 2012. John Cena ended the match with an AA to Lesnar on the steel steps. 

2) Brock Lesnar VS John Cena VS Seth Rollins Royal Rumble 2015: 

A triple threat match featuring the best of wrestlers in the WWE is eye candy! Both of the other athletes are equally intimidating and passionate about their matches. Lesnar started to beat out his other opponents by taking them to Suplex City! And eventually went on to win the match by pinning Rollins. 

1) CM Punk VS John Cena Money in the Bank 2011:  

The best event in John Cena’s career came back in 2011 when he battled CM Punk in Chicago. The storyline coming into this match was ecstatic. Punk’s WWE contract was about to end the day after Money in the Bank, and this was for Cena’s WWE title. Cena came out, and the fans went crazy. Punk came out, and he was Jesus to the Chicago crowd. Vince McMahon, the CEO of WWE didn’t want Punk to win and tried to send down John Laurinaitis, the current manager to interfere, but Cena wouldn’t allow it. That distraction allowed Punk to get the win cleanly.