Whenever any owner begins a business. He or she doesn’t like to have a competition that hampers their audience. This is exactly what is happening in the case of WWE and AEW. The AEW is taking away the audience as well as the jobbers from WWE. Based on better payscales, better in-ring opportunities, and a basis for brighter futures, many WWE athletes sign up for the AEW. Not to forget the fact that many senior wrestlers claim that AEW has a better lifestyle. Here is a look at 10 top WWE Superstars who have moved to the rival company: – 

10) Rusev in WWE as Miro in AEW: – 

The first in-ring notable athlete to move to the AEW was Rusev. Rusev wasn’t just a jobber in the WWE. His Bulgarian-based gimmick alongside the ever-beautiful Lana had come off very well with the audience. Rusev was also given a United States title reign. He had iconic feuds with the likes of “The Miz” and “John Cena”. However, Rusev switched to the AEW and began portraying Miro. Miro, the name comes from his birth name Miroslav Barnyashev. Miro and Sabian formed a great tag team.  

9) Ruby Riott in WWE as Ruby Soho in AEW: – 

Ruby Riott was a dominant Diva in the WWE. Her stable along with Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan named the Riott squad worked well with the audience at WWE. However, Ruby still chose to switch to the opposition company.  The reason is quite unclear on why exactly she left. But with the kinds of matches, Ruby puts up in AEW it is a loss of the WWE.  

8) Jack Swagger in WWE as Jack Hager in AEW: – 

The “All American Jack Swagger” gimmick alongside Zeb Colter was pulled off very well by Jack Swagger. He was pushed to the moon by the WWE at the beginning of his career when he got the WWE World Heavyweight Title from The Big Show. Jack Swagger also had successful title reigns as US Champion and Intercontinental Champion. He wasn’t a top-notch performer at WWE but he wasn’t a jobber too. However, it seems that he has moved to AEW under the name Jack Hager. The reason is that AEW allows its performers to perform and showcase their talents in other circuits. Jack has also tried his hand at MMA in UFC while at AEW.  

7) Christian in WWE as Christian Cage in AEW: – 

Who didn’t love the feud between Christian and Randy Orton back in 2011? That was one of the best feuds to ever take place on the Smackdown Production. Christian, one-half of the Rated R tag team, shifted to the AEW in 2020. He wasn’t under contract when he made the switch, however, this closes any possible tie-ups between the WWE and Christian forever.  

6) Cody Rhodes in WWE as Cody Rhodes in AEW: – 

Imagine a below-the-card performer in the WWE becoming the on-screen Vice President of another rival show. This has exactly happened with Cody Rhodes. Cody who played gimmicks such as “The Dashing Cody Rhodes”, “Star Dust” and many more on the WWE circuit, plays the Vice President at AEW. He performs equally well at both positions. This move does show the sense of hatred between the McMahons and the Rhodes Family, however. 

5) Jim Ross in WWE as Jim Ross in AEW: – 

One of the most devastating losses for the WWE was when iconic commentator Jim Ross signed up for the AEW. Jim Ross was the iconic voice behind every pay-per-view main event in the WWE. Be it HHH VS Undertaker, be it Cactus Jack VS Undertaker, or be it any other match. Jim Ross made a dead-rubber of a match sound interesting. Currently, he has signed up for AEW because of a better lifestyle.  

4)  Matt Hardy in WWE as Matt Hardy in AEW: – 

Matt Hardy is certainly an on-screen maniac. The way Matt Hardy portrayed these lost and under the influence characters on-screen is unmatched. Matt formed a formidable tag team with Jeff Hardy and dominated the tag team circuit. The return of the “Hardy Boys” in 2017 is one of the most iconic returns in the WWE. However, Matt has now signed up for the AEW. He performs under the same ring name.  

3) Dean Ambrose in WWE as Jon Moxley in AEW: – 

Dean Ambrose was one of the most lovable characters in the WWE. The character while a member of the stable named “The Shield” was great as a heel. When the spilled-up was shown, every WWE fan can still remember the expression of betrayal on the face of Dean Ambrose. The AEW literally broke the back of the WWE when they signed Jon Moxley. He was one of the most talented men on the cards of the WWE but now performs for AEW.  

2) CM Punk in WWE as CM Punk in AEW: – 

After his fallout and pipebomb for the WWE management, it was expected that CM Punk will never return to the field of wrestling entertainment. Every WWE fan still cherishes the 2011 Money in the Bank match where he left the arena with the title in his hand. Sadly, more such moments wouldn’t be seen as Punk too has signed up for the AEW.  

1) Daniel Bryan in WWE as Bryan Danielson in AEW: – 

Daniel Bryan was loved by the WWE Universe like no other performer. He was a crowd favorite. His contribution to the WWE is his iconic, “Yes!” and “No!” chants. Daniel Bryan going to the AEW has left many WWE fans perplexed as he was doing well in the WWE circuit as well.