Olympics2020: Kevin Durant the points leader for all-time USA men in win to seal quarter-final position

Kevin Durant is the twice Olympic champion he pours in 23 points as Team USA defeats the Czech Republic 119-84. Kevin has now scored 354 points as a part of the U.S. squad and will go for more in the last four.

It has been almost nine years since Kevin Durant first appeared on the Team USA basketball team in London in 2012, with the American becoming the leading scorer at the Olympics.

Durant is the gold man who has already two-time gold medalist, notched 23 points as the U.S. swept past the Czech Republic in their final group game at Tokyo 2020, winning 119-84.

Regular season
2008–09Oklahoma City7474390.4760.4220.8636.
2009–10Oklahoma City82*82*39.50.4760.3650.*
2010–11Oklahoma City787838.90.4620.350.886.82.71.1127.7*
2011–12Oklahoma City66*66*38.60.4960.3870.8683.*
2012–13Oklahoma City818138.50.510.416.905*
2013–14Oklahoma City818138.50.5030.3910.8737.*
2014–15Oklahoma City272733.80.510.4030.8546.
2015–16Oklahoma City727235.80.5050.3880.8988.2511.228.2
2018–19Golden State787834.60.5210.3530.8856.
Career 88488136.70.4940.3840.8837.
All-Star 10826.90.5360.3490.8976.
2010Oklahoma City6638.50.350.2860.8717.
2011Oklahoma City171742.50.4490.3390.8388.
2012Oklahoma City202041.90.5170.3730.8647.
2013Oklahoma City111144.10.4550.3140.8396.
2014Oklahoma City191942.90.460.3440.818.93.911.329.6
2016Oklahoma City181840.30.430.2820.897.13.31128.4
2017Golden State151535.50.5560.4420.89384.30.81.328.5
2018Golden State212138.40.4870.3410.9017.
2019Golden State121236.80.5140.4380.9034.94.51.1132.3
Career 15115140.30.4780.3570.8657.8411.229.5