Pro Kabaddi League
Pro Kabaddi League 2021, Season 8 Full Schedule has been announced.

The full schedule for Pro Kabaddi League 2021 has been announced by Mashal Sports. This is the eighth season of the Pro Kabaddi League. Pro Kabaddi League Season 8 will begin on 22nd December. PKL Season 8 will feature several stars of the game from the Indian soil, Kabaddi. Pardeep Narwal, Sandeep Narwal, Pawan Sherawat, all of these players will take to the court from 22nd December onwards. Here is a look at the full schedule: – 

Pro Kabaddi League 2021 Part 1 Full Schedule:

  Match 1* Match 2** Match 3*** 
Date Day of the Week Team A Team B Team A Team B Team A Team B 
  22-December-21   Wednesday   Bengaluru Bulls   U Mumba   Telugu Titans   Tamil Thalaivas   Bengal Warriors   U.P. Yoddha 
  23-December-21   Thursday   Gujarat Giants   Jaipur Pink Panthers   Dabang Delhi K.C.   Puneri Paltan   Haryana Steelers   Patna Pirates 
  24-December-21   Friday   U Mumba   Dabang Delhi K.C.   Tamil Thalaivas   Bengaluru Bulls   Bengal Warriors   Gujarat Giants 
  25-December-21   Saturday   Patna Pirates   U.P. Yoddha   Puneri Paltan   Telugu Titans   Jaipur Pink Panthers   Haryana Steelers 
  26-December-21   Sunday   Gujarat Giants   Dabang Delhi K.C.   Bengaluru Bulls   Bengal Warriors  No Game Scheduled 
  27-December-21   Monday   Tamil Thalaivas   U Mumba   U.P. Yoddha   Jaipur Pink Panthers  No Game Scheduled 
  28-December-21   Tuesday   Puneri Paltan   Patna Pirates   Telugu Titans   Haryana Steelers  No Game Scheduled 
  29-December-21   Wednesday   Dabang Delhi K.C.   Bengal Warriors   U.P. Yoddha   Gujarat Giants  No Game Scheduled 
  30-December-21   Thursday   Jaipur Pink Panthers   U Mumba   Haryana Steelers   Bengaluru Bulls  No Game Scheduled 
  31-December-21   Friday   Tamil Thalaivas   Puneri Paltan   Patna Pirates   Bengal Warriors  No Game Scheduled 
  01-January-22   Saturday   U Mumba   U.P. Yoddha   Bengaluru Bulls   Telugu Titans   Dabang Delhi K.C.   Tamil Thalaivas 

Pro Kabaddi League 2021 Season 8 Part 2 Schedule: –

  02-January-22   Sunday   Gujarat Giants   Haryana Steelers   Puneri Paltan   Bengaluru Bulls  No Game Scheduled 
  03-January-22   Monday   Bengal Warriors   Jaipur Pink Panthers   Telugu Titans   Patna Pirates  No Game Scheduled 
  04-January-22   Tuesday   Haryana Steelers   U Mumba   U.P. Yoddha   Tamil Thalaivas  No Game Scheduled 
  05-January-22   Wednesday   Puneri Paltan   Gujarat Giants   Dabang Delhi K.C.   Telugu Titans  No Game Scheduled 
  06-January-22   Thursday   Patna Pirates   Tamil Thalaivas   Bengaluru Bulls   Jaipur Pink Panthers  No Game Scheduled 
  07-January-22   Friday   Bengal Warriors   Haryana Steelers   Jaipur Pink Panthers   Puneri Paltan  No Game Scheduled 
  08-January-22   Saturday   U.P. Yoddha   Dabang Delhi K.C.   U Mumba   Telugu Titans   Gujarat Giants   Patna Pirates 
  09-January-22   Sunday   Puneri Paltan   Bengal Warriors   Bengaluru Bulls   U.P. Yoddha  No Game Scheduled 
  10-January-22   Monday   Tamil Thalaivas   Haryana Steelers   Jaipur Pink Panthers   Dabang Delhi K.C.  No Game Scheduled 
  11-January-22   Tuesday   Patna Pirates   U Mumba   Telugu Titans   Gujarat Giants  No Game Scheduled 
  12-January-22   Wednesday   Haryana Steelers   U.P. Yoddha   Dabang Delhi K.C.   Bengaluru Bulls  No Game Scheduled 
  13-January-22   Thursday   Bengal Warriors   Tamil Thalaivas   U Mumba   Puneri Paltan  No Game Scheduled 
  14-January-22   Friday   Jaipur Pink Panthers   Patna Pirates   Gujarat Giants   Bengaluru Bulls  No Game Scheduled 
  15-January-22   Saturday   Haryana Steelers   Dabang Delhi K.C.   U.P. Yoddha   Telugu Titans   U Mumba    Bengal Warriors 
  16-January-22   Sunday   Tamil Thalaivas   Jaipur Pink Panthers   Patna Pirates   Bengaluru Bulls  No Game Scheduled   
  17-January-22   Monday   Puneri Paltan   U.P. Yoddha   Telugu Titans   Bengal Warriors  No Game Scheduled   
  18-January-22   Tuesday   Dabang Delhi K.C.   Patna Pirates   Gujarat Giants   U Mumba  No Game Scheduled   
  19-January-22   Wednesday   Haryana Steelers   Puneri Paltan   Jaipur Pink Panthers   Telugu Titans  No Game Scheduled   
  20-January-22   Thursday   Tamil Thalaivas   Gujarat Giants   TBC   TBC  No Game Scheduled   

*Match 1- Starts 1930 hrs Indian Standard Time 

**Match 2- Starts 2030 hrs Indian Standard Time

***Match 3- Starts 2130 hrs Indian Standard Time