Golf Courses
Golf Courses

Golf terminology can be tricky. Shank, duff, chilly-dip, and hosel-rocket – what are we talking about?

The good news is that “par 3 golf course” isn’t one of these terms. It’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s a golf course that’s all par 3s – you won’t need to worry about your driver when you play a par 3 course.

Par 3 golf courses can be a great way to work on your game and improve your ability to score. They’re perfect when you don’t have 5 hours to spend playing golf (you can typically play a par 3 course in 90 minutes or less).

Let’s spend a few minutes talking about par 3 golf courses and why you should add them to your routine.

How Par 3 Golf Courses Can Improve Your Game

There’s an old golf mantra that you “drive for show, but you putt for dough.” We agree with the concept, but we’d expand “the dough” part a little bit. Your scoring clubs in golf are your short irons (wedges) and your putter. This is the biggest difference between a low handicapper and a weekend hacker. A par 3 golf course is the perfect way to practice your “scoring clubs.”

Get Reps With Your Short Irons

Most par 3 golf courses contain relatively short holes (80 – 130 yards). This means that you’ll hit a bunch of 8-irons, 9-irons, and wedges. If you want to learn to play better golf you need these shots to consistently hit the green. The driving range can help, but it can be hard to concentrate. When you play a par 3 course, you can use these clubs and try to make birdies and pars. We think that playing a par 3 golf course is a better way to practice than smacking a bucket of balls on the range.

Work On Different Chip Shots

We know that you’re going to miss some greens when you play a par 3 golf course and that’s good news. It means you can work on similar chip shots that you’ll face when you play a full-length course. Par 3 courses have sand traps and rough. This is the perfect way to “tighten up” your short game. Learn to get up-and-down & saves strokes.

Learn To Roll The Rock

On a par 3 golf course, you’ll get to practice your putting while trying to make a score. We all know it feels different when you’re trying to make a birdie on the course versus hitting a putt on the practice green. Use the time on the par 3 course to work on reading greens and starting the ball on line. Who knows, you might even roll in a few birdies!

3 Tips When Playing On Par 3 Golf Courses

1.   Use A Lightweight Golf Bag

You don’t need 14 golf clubs to play a par 3 golf course. In fact, you can probably enjoy your round with a putter and a few irons. There’s no reason to lug around a full-size golf bag. Invest in a Sunday Golf Bag!

They have plenty of storage for everything you’ll need during your round. They can carry 5-7 clubs, your golf essentials (balls, tees, gloves, etc.), and even a nice cold beverage. When it comes to par 3 golf, less is more!

2.   Hit One Extra Club

Did you know that golfers typically come up short of the green? In fact, recent data shows that 80% of approach shots that miss the green are because the golfer didn’t hit enough club. The common mistake is to pick your club based on the distance it can hit the ball when you strike it perfectly. How many times do you hit a perfect shot?

The next time you play a par 3 golf course, hit one extra club on each hole. You’ll be surprised to see that you hit more greens and have more chances to make a birdie.

3.   Invite Your Golf Buddies

Par 3 golf courses are more casual than your local country club and are perfect for a social gathering. Invite your weekend foursome, bring some cold beverages, and enjoy some laughs.

Golf Courses
Golf Courses

Do you have a friend who’s just getting started with the game of golf?

A par 3 golf course is less intimidating for a beginner than a full-length course. It’s a great way to learn to play holes without the challenge of a 550-yard par 5. What are you waiting for? Find a par 3 golf course in your area, make a tee time, and text your buddies.

Give Par 3 Golf A Try

Par 3 golf courses are the perfect combination of practice and competition. You’ll improve the skills that’ll help you play better the next you try a full-length course and you can challenge your buddies to a side bet. Play “closest to the pin” on every hole. See who can shoot the lowest score. Find out who can make the most birdies.

You’ll have such a good time, you’ll forget that you’re practicing. We love the idea of working on your game while having a good time. Give a par 3 golf course a try this weekend!

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