summer transfer
An exciting summer transfer window has enthralled the footballing community!!

The transfers in football are always the talk of the town. The summer transfer window of 2021 is said to be the greatest transfer window of all time by several football geeks. This window has witnessed Messi leaving Barca, Ronaldo going back to Man U, and Ramos leaving Madrid. This transfer window changed the dynamics of the footballing world. After this window, the EPL has undoubtedly become the most followed and anticipated league. The prowess of PSG and Manchester United have increased 4 folds. Here’s a look at the top 10 transfers of this transfer window: – 

David Alaba to Real Madrid: – 

David Alaba is a complete package!!

David Alaba the Austrian international signed up for the most successful club in the world, Real Madrid! Alaba previously played for Bayern Munich and strived in the Bundesliga but his Madrid move was free. It is an absolute steal for Real as they have received an all-in-one player. One can never ignore Alaba’s skill when on the field.  

Achraf Hakimi to PSG: – 

Achraf Hakimi is one of the brightest footballing prospects!

Achraf Hakimi, the young gun from Milan signed up from Milan to PSG, the French Giants. PSG has spent billions of dollars in this transfer window and they broke the bank for Achraf. Hakimi is a talented right-winger who can also play right back! It was a 60-million- pound deal with 11 million add ons! 

Jack Grealish signs for Manchester City: – 

Manchester City, the club owned by the Middle Eastern entrepreneurs, has gone for Grealish. Grealish bagged the contract on basis of his performance for the English national team at the Euros. Aston Villa leaving Grealish was not expected but the hefty amount that Man City paid was not expected either. Manchester City went on to break the bank and spend 100-million-pounds on Jack!  

Memphis Depay to Barcelona: – 

Barcelona just went on adding to their attacking arsenal by signing Memphis Depay. The move was unexpected but Depay signed up anyway as he was a freelancer. Memphis was initially dominating Ligue 1 with Lyon before he signed for Barca for free! 

Raphael Varane to Manchester United: – 

Raphael Varane is one of the most decorated players in world football!

Raphael Varane the veteran center back from Real Madrid has signed up for Man United! This makes it possible for the Manchester management to make a formidable pair of Varane and skipper Maguire. The backline of the Red Devils looks deadly with Varane, Maguire, Wan Bissaka, etc. Varane’s aerial game, his ball control, and his calm demeanor make in a great package. And with all the experience that he brings in, Varane is a must want.  

Jadon Sancho to Manchester United: – 

Jadon Sancho, the young Brit has signed up for Manchester United. The move was expected to happen last time around itself but Dortmund turned down the offer. Jadon a young, prowess and great winger add fuel to Man United’s attack. His runs on the wing are very hard to intercept. Pin-point passing and long shots are an integral part of his game. Jadon was a dominant force at Dortmund, hope he continues the same in the EPL. A whopping 85-million-euros were paid by the Red Devils to the German club to sign Sancho for a 5-year-deal. 

Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea: – 

Romelu is back to light up the Prem!!

Romelu Lukaku is back home!! Romelu Lukaku the Belgian Beast, has signed back for Chelsea. The powerful striker, who is a master at winning duals has signed for the Blues from Inter Milan. Lukaku who helped Inter Milan win the Serie A with 24 goals last season is in red hot form. His strong physique, swift feet, and light touches set him apart. Lukaku never backs down during an aerial dual as well. He has previously played for Chelsea in the 2011 season and the 10 years have brought his life to a full circle.  

Sergio Ramos to PSG: – 

Sergio Ramos, the face of Real Madrid has parted ways with the club and has joined PSG. It wasn’t expected but it has happened. The leader of the most successful clubs in the world left the club teary-eyed in a small ceremony arranged for him. He spoke to the board members, his colleagues, and the press in this emotional ceremony. PSG reportedly paid a double-digit million pound for the 35-year-old. This strengthens PSG’s backline with the likes of Kimpembe, Donnarumma, and Sergio himself. His aggressive gameplay and leader’s mindset will help the French Club. 

Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United: – 

Cristiano Ronaldo is back to where he started from!!

Sir Alex Furgeson’s disciple, Ronaldo has come back to where he belongs. Manchester United has sneaked a move to sign him up from Juventus. The 36-year-old, fitness freak is on a roll. He signed up for the Red Devils in the last few days of the transfer window. With this move, Manchester United possibly has got the best attack in all of Europe. It will be a pleasure to witness, Pogba, Bruno, and Jadon Sancho play alongside Cristiano. His experience will prove to be a boon for the youngsters. Not to forget him alongside his Real Madrid teammate Raphael Varane. 

Lionel Messi to PSG: – 

Lionel Messi has now turned his eyes towards dominating France!

PSG, like Manchester United, has made an outstanding move. Considering the financial situation of FCB, PSG struck the iron when it is hot. FC Barcelona was in a situation such that registering Messi for Barca wasn’t possible due to La Liga’s rules of finance. The greatest player of all time, Messi had to leave his club unwillingly. His farewell press conference was difficult to watch as a teary-eyed Messi, found it difficult to address the crowd. But PSG would be more than happy than this. By signing Messi, they have formed a formidable attack with Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe.