Here is a look at who takes the honors for being the top striker of the season

Football is the most loved sport in the world. Football is the King of Sports. What makes this sport exciting than ever is the goals scored. And these goals eventually decide the fate of the match. So, who are the best goal scorers in the 2021 football season? Which are the players who have been on a roll scoring ton of goals? Here is a look: – 

10) Karim Benzema: –  

First things first, is the face of Real Madrid. After the departure of legends such as Ronaldo and Ramos, the onus of goal scoring went to Karim Benzema. And went his club wanted him the most, this Frenchman delivered. He was dominant on the field. He made supreme runs on the pitch making the defenders’ life hell. When the ball is in the feet of Karim it was bound to go in the back of the net. Karim Benzema has scored 30 goals at 0.65 goals per game. His headers and tap-ins are well-timed and well-placed. 

9) Gerard Moreno: – 

Speaking about La Liga and Gerard Moreno is an automatic topic of discussion. After the two GOATs leave La Liga, Gerard Moreno has been an unstoppable force. He has taken Villareal FC to new heights single-handedly. His long-range scoring ability gives him an added advantage. This Spanish striker has made a strong case for himself in the Spanish national team as well. His goal at the Nou Camp against FCB is something he will cherish for a long time. He also has scored 30 goals tied alongside Karim Benzema but has more assists.  

8) Romelu Lukaku: – 

While playing at Inter Milan and Chelsea for different times in 2021 Romelu Lukaku has dominated both Italian and English football. While playing at Manchester United his potential was not unleashed but that has not been the case at Inter Milan. Lukaku ended the 2020-2021 season as the second-highest scorer in Serie A with 28 Goals. He led his team to lift the Serie A Cup. Lukaku’s vision and his physique give him the edge over other players. He scored 31 goals till the mid of 2021 at 0.68 goals per game.  

7) Mohammad Salah: – 

Talk about good strikers and Mohammad Salah is eventually on the list. This man has been irritating the English defenders for the past 3 to 4 years. The short heighted beast from Egypt has made the EPL his own. His footwork is precise and he has a soft touch making ball control very easy. His speed gives him a better chance to move away from the defense line. Salah is the protagonist in almost every counter-attacking goal scored by Liverpool. He also recovers the ball well. He scored 31 goals throughout the season at 0.63 goals per game. Not to forget his goal against Aston Villa, an absolute stunner.  

6) Harry Kane: – 

The Prem seems to be dominated by 2 or 3 strikers itself. That being said and done, Harry Kane is one of them. This Englishmen who was once fired off from training for being too healthy to play football has bought his A-game. He has been carrying the weight of the Hotspurs on his shoulders. Kane, the poster boy of Tottenham, has scored 33 goals averaging 0.69 goals per game. His out-of-the-box strike against Crystal Palace is one for the ages. Kane is smooth at passing and great at making assists as well. 

5) Cristiano Ronaldo: – 

Again, a list of top strikers and again the mention of Cristiano Ronaldo. This has been a story that has been repeating itself for the past 15 years. Most footballers choose to retire at the age of 36, while Cristiano chose to make a comeback to the Prem. The fastest league of all. Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 37 games combining some at Juventus and some at Manchester United. He averages a humongous 0.81 goal per game. He was the top scorer in Serie A in the 2020-2021 season. 

4) Lionel Messi: –  

To make the Ronaldo VS Lionel Messi debate a little more interesting, this stat has to be shown. In the list of top scorers for the year 2021, they are ranked just one after the other. Lionel Messi scored these goals at Barcelona and some at Paris after the most amazing transfer market of all time. Lionel Messi who was once a face of La Liga moved to Paris but his shine didn’t leave his side. His skill-work and ball recovering ability just remain the same. Although he is not good at aerial duals that skill is not required if your feet are rocket fast. He has scored 39 goals at 0.83 goals per game.  

3) Erling Haaland: – 

This Norwegian has set German football on fire. His physicality on the field and goal-scoring abilities have been the talk of the town. Erling Haaland is very young and has been troubling the German defenders since his professional debut. It is said that he is destined for greatness. He has scored 41 goals throughout the season scoring 1 goal per game. The records are second to none.  

2) Kylian Mbappe: – 

Haaland VS Mbappe has become the latest rivalry in the football circuit. Speaking about it statistically, Kylian Mbappe wins the race this time. Mbappe has been the backbone of Paris Saint Germain for a very long time now. He has earned himself a very big name. The FIFA World Cup victory with the French National Team has made him star-studded. He scored 42 goals, averaging 0.9 goals per game. 

1) Robert Lewandowski: – 

Robert Lewandowski has to top this list every time. This legend from Bayern Munich has been dominating the Bundesliga since 2012. He is the best striker to take the field in the years 2020 and 2021. He scored 48 goals with a monstrous average of 1.2 goals per game.