Top Goal Scorers
Here is a look at the top goal scorers.

The sport of football is based on goals. The very factor that decides a game is the number of goals scored. The top goal scorers in world football are always a disputed topic. The list of top 10 goal scorers in football includes several great players. However, the list of top 10 goal scorers also includes a few lesser-known names. So, who are the top 10 goal scorers in world football of all time? Here is a look: 

10. Tulio Maravilha, 575 Goals: 

Tulio Maravilha is a legendary Brazilian footballer. His name might not be very well-known in the world football circuit. But for Brazilians, Tulio is a legend. Tulio Maravilha played from 1988 to 2019. Maravilha played for 40 clubs. The number of games played is unknown. His last known club was Taboao da Serra in the 2018-20 football season. 

9. Uwe Seeler, 575+ Goals: 

Uwe Seeler is one of the greatest German footballers. He played for 25 years from 1953 to 1978. Uwe Seeler played for clubs such as Hamburger SV and Cork Celtic. Seeler was a strong authoritative figure on the field. Uwe Seeler is also regarded as one of the best strikers of his generation. A few of his professional goals are not recorded hence the number is disputed.  

8. Ferenc Deak, 598+ Goals: 

Ferenc Deak was a Hungarian footballer. Deak records 795 goals but some of them have come in friendly games and unofficial games. He played for a twenty-year-long career from 1939 to 1959. He played for teams like Szentlorinci AC, Ferencvarosi TC, and BFC Siofok. Ferenc and his finishing skills were adored by many fans. His shot was very powerful and so was his header. He judged the ball exceptionally well.  

7. Gerd Muller, 734 Goals: 

Gerd Muller is the best German striker. With the likes of Thomas Muller, Miroslav Klose, and Mario Gotze being the other German strikers, Gerd Muller takes the honors. Gerd Muller played 777 Games for 18 long years. Most of the games played by Muller were for Bayern Munich, the most successful German club. Gerd Muller is the greatest footballer to play in the Allianz Arena. Muller was very impactful for every moment on the pitch.  

6. Ferenc Puskas, 764+ Goals: 

Ferenc Puskas has to be on the list. Puskas was another Hungarian who dominated world football. He was clean as a whistle when the ball came to him. Ferenc Puskas played for 23 long years and scored 764+ goals. He was also good with assists. Ferenc Puskas played for just two clubs. The first one is Budapest Honved in Hungary and Real Madrid in Spain. His run at Real Madrid made him a household name.  

5. Pele, 757 Goals: 

Pele’s name on this list at this number is again disputed. He could have been number 1 with over 1000 goals but most of them were in local league games and friendly games. Those goals couldn’t be classified as professional games. Pele played for 21 years. Santos and New York Cosmos are the two clubs that were enlightened by his presence. Pele played his game as a striker but also at times as a winger.  

4. Lionel Messi, 758 Goals: 

Here is a look at the compilation of top goals from Messi.

Lionel Messi is the greatest of all time. One has never seen any other gifted player with such skill. Cristiano does come closer. In fact, Ronaldo is the most hardworking one, but in terms of skill that an individual possesses Messi is miles ahead. He started playing in 2003 and his career is still going on. Most of Messi’s goals have come for Barcelona but now he has shifted to PSG. What the future has in store is a thing to talk about but Messi will not fail to entertain us. Messi has also won international honors with Argentina and his six-trophy season with Barcelona can never be forgotten.  

3. Romario, 772 Goals: 

Romario played for several clubs for 24 long years. He has recorded 772 goals in professional games. Romario was a clinical player. He inspired a generation of Brazilian football. Romario played as s striker for Vasco Da Gama, PSV Eindhoven, FC Barcelona, Flamengo, Valencia, Miami FC, and America Football Club. Romario was clinical with his finishing abilities. He also made long and brisk runs with the ball. His skills made sure that he was untouched by any defender.  

2. Cristiano Ronaldo, 801 Goals: 

Here is a compilation of Ronaldo proving that he isn’t human!

Cristiano Ronaldo can be said to be the greatest player as well. Ronaldo is a freak when it comes to working ethic and discipline. Cristiano Ronaldo has been playing since 2001 and his career is still on. He has played for many clubs including Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus.  

1. Josef Bican, 805 Goals: 

Josef Bican played for 26 years from 1931 to 1957. He played for many clubs including Rapid Vienna, Admira, Slavia Prague, and FC Vitkovice. Josef Bican and his game helped people come out from the pains of World War 2. He was an Austrian.