Euro 2024: Problems Southgate must avoid in order to take England into the Euro finals
Gareth Southgate to see through some major issues ahead of England semis (Image:

England have now made it to the semi-finals of Euro 2024, a special edition under Southgate. However, despite their success in the Euros, the biggest supporters of the Three Lions could not claim that their team’s performance has been in any way inspiring.

They have lacked composure as a unit, and it can only be said that the fortunes favored the three lions as they advanced to the semis. Often in great despair, Southgate’s last dance with the most confident English side was saved by last-minute spectaculars mostly from Golden Boy, Jude Bellingham, or Arsenal forward Bukayo Saka.

To take England further into the tournament into the finals to face Spain, who await them as favorites in the Euro 2024 final, Southgate must take some tough calls, the most prior and difficult among them being the dropping of the Bayern superstar.

Kane continues to disappoint

Harry Kane has had the best of club seasons for the German giant, though it is often said that the Kane curse has caused trouble for England, and even Bayern has lost their first ever Bundesliga in the recent decade.

Kane, who yet remains a major contender for the Ballon d’Or with 51 goals for the Bundesliga giants, however, after missing out on any silverware even with Bayern, Kane has lacked to show intent and has barred himself from a challenging intent in the Euro 2024 for England.

Not only did he not score, but Kane has been a major flaw in the three-lions set-up, as it was his negative impact that held England away against Switzerland in the quarterfinals.

The left-back conundrum

England have faced a major drawback with their left-back, as Southgate’s biggest aid on the flank, Luke Shaw, has failed to make his appearance in the three-lions shirt until his few minutes against the Swiss.

With Shaw’s fitness, Southgate must have a sigh of relief, as Trippier has miserably failed in the role. Shaw would probably be seen as their left-wing back alongside Saka down the other side.

Misfiring Mid-field

Southgate’s biggest failed experiment has been Trent Alexander-Arnold, as the Liverpool star has not shown anything worthy of game time. With the likes of Declan Rice as England’s only defensive midfield option, the void of Kalvin Phillips is to be felt by the English side.

Now that Kobie Mainoo is starring in the midfield for England, he is given a more attacking role than Bellingham, who was seen in the defensive half regulating the play deep into their half.

Lack of Prowess among the Center-Backs

England’s centre-backs have not seen it coming, as Harry Maguire has been missed both aerially and in the defensive half. With Stones also lacking a fit campaign, maybe Guehi should have the likes of Konsa to regulate England’s defensive role.

Saka has recently deployed himself in the defensive half for England, though the Arsenal star was the only player to step in for the three Lions against the Swiss. He will be England’s prime aid in the upcoming semi-final fixture.

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Overdependency on their no. 10

Jude Bellingham has been England’s Golden Boy, and despite not having a season of wonders, he has been England’s go-to player who has rescued them in all tough situations. The Los Angeles star is the biggest contender for the Ballon d’Or, and the 21-year-old will be England’s aid.

But should Southgate overdepend on his abilities, as on being man-marked, the England star has failed to get touches over the ball. With the likes of Palmer and Watkins, who had splendorous seasons in the PL, replacing Southgate’s first choices, Kane and Foden, Bellingham might be loosened off the over expectations put on him by the fans as well as England management.